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4 July 2011
The Magick message - project me day 548

Every morning I pull a Dragonfea Oracle card. Some cards I've seen countless times and others I would swear hadn't been in the pack that I've owned for a good couple of years. This morning, after a draining weekend with my body, I pulled one of those cards that I've never received a message from […]

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23 August 2010
I'm sure that was on my vision board - project me day 234

I need tea ... it's always a clear indication of my blogging state when I have at least 3 hot cups of tea during my spontaneously free writing spree. I battle to distinguish between excitement and being petrified sometimes. It always hits me in the stomach and sends waves and anxiety and these false signals […]

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14 May 2010
Take a tour through - project me day 132

Yesterday finally signalled relaunch day for my website and big reveal day for my second blog. Behind the scenes I've been secretly working on branding my specially designed products and preparing the first blog posts. I'm the worst at having a surprise and not being able to share it. Christmas time is a nightmare for […]

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