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14 December 2010
Done with the drama - project me day 344

Last night was the season finale of Private Practice. My mom and I always record it and watch a bit later because I'm usually blogging and she's usually dealing with some international crisis for work. I wasn't even aware that it was the last episode but should have known when the drama began to emerge […]

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9 December 2010
The other side of a romantic - project me day 339

Maybe it's because I'm doing some reading on personality theories and Carl Jung happens to be of great interest to me when it comes to his theories on our 'dark side'. Otherwise I'm just having the opposite of my sweetly romantic nature. Either way, today has been filled with a song that's basically been on […]

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3 December 2010
Let's catch up over tea - project me day 333

Over the past few days I have been lying in bed and running through my day while thinking: "Damn, I forgot to mention that in the blog!" Trust me, there are a good number of things that I haven't mentioned at that are very important to how I feel, where I'm at and what's going […]

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2 December 2010
Percy and friends - project me day 332

In 2001 I climbed on a plane and flew to London to see Ronan Keating perform. Yes, I am working through my shame and admitting some of my craziest moments. He was amazing by the way ... and touched my hand and I never wanted to wash it again. Along with that memorable moment, I […]

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