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5 May 2015
When did the journey of self become labelled as narcissism? - Project Me post 1075

Sometimes it takes me a while to wrap my head around the world's perceptions and what is thrown onto social media, by all who are now judge, jury and prosecutor. I am constantly wondering whether we got worse as humans or if we are only noticing it now because of the millions of Tweets that […]

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20 September 2014
Look daddy, I'm on TV - Project Me post 1036

I know this pattern. It always strikes when I clean up my healthy act, eat well and get exercise. My body gets overly excited at the possibilities and I'm wide awake at 5am. If I think I have any plans to get of bed and conquer the world before 7am, I have another think coming. […]

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8 May 2012
Fast cars and unexpected adventures - project me post 849

I think we all find ourselves saying, "I should have done this ages ago." On the other hand, I truly believe everything happens for a reason and after days of not blogging, I ?couldn't wait to get through as much of the to-do list and just get here. Just a few weeks ago I felt […]

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5 April 2012
Set your compass to happy - project me day 824

Every day I wake up and wish that I could change the story I share with you to one that's a whole lot less financial stressful and emotionally trying because of the pressure that money issues always put on our lives. Yes, there are glimmers of income and we are sitting on so many exciting […]

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3 November 2011
A social media giggle - project me day 667

I've decided to focus my attention on the social media success that I have become known for and start to leverage it as the way Lifeology is going to make money. Yesterday Greggie and I had a meeting with two businessmen, Mike Said and Erik Vermeulen who had some great advice for us. I love […]

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21 October 2011
What a bunch of Twits - project me day 654

I know Twitter. I strategise, plan and support people with their branding and the voice they want to get out into the world. I've got impressive numbers and all that jazz, but nothing will ever be more valuable to me about Twitter than a bunch of crazy girls. I have plans. It has a lot […]

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11 August 2011
Sabio Communications helps launch Jodene's Breakfast - project me day 588

I wanted to share a day that speaks for itself. I'm this crazy combination of thrilled and petrified and extend a very special thank you to Sabio Communications, with a special thanks to Sam Robinson, for believing in Lifeology and me and supporting this venture. Also to Derek Martin and Crowne Plaza Johannesburg for providing […]

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6 August 2011
What a 12 year old taught me that a guru couldn't - project me day 578

To say I've had a roller coaster ride of emotion on a personal and career front over the last week is truly an understatement. It's been the highs of yet another fantastic radio into to the lows of receiving the email that said my services weren't needed again. The burst of confidence that got me […]

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16 July 2011
On air: Radio 2000 FM interview - project me day 559

What gets me blogging every single day of me life? That's always an interesting question and I would have to listen back to the radio interview this morning to see if I actually used the words "auto pilot". If I did I don't think that's entirely true. While I sit here and type, my mother […]

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