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26 May 2011
Stephen van Niekerk's project me story told on National Soup Day {Supporting FoodBank SA}

Amateur dramatics was Stephen van Niekerk's first step towards expanding his personality and gaining the self-confidence and personal skills he needed to survive in this dog eat dog world. After doing his first production with the Franklin players he received an award for best actor in an amateur musical, and the rest as they say […]

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24 May 2011
My own 9 & a half weeks - project me day 509

'Project me' has been body focused since day 1. Not day one of the blog, but day one in about 2004. I remember sitting on the couch with my 'guru' at the time. We were both smoking (yes mom, I really did that) and we had just returned from the reality check of my clothing […]

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21 May 2011
The story of who I am - project me day 506

All of these lines across my face Tell you the story of who I am So many stories of where I've been And how I got to where I am But these stories don't mean anything When you've got no one to tell them to It's true...I was made for you I climbed across the […]

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19 May 2011
Missing more than just an A - project me day 504

Fantastic, another day of forgetting to blog and then rushing from one thing to the next. Yesterday a doctor friends said that in the medical profession you can only really count your success after you have been in practice for 1 000 days. It's it ironic that he made such a statement when the last […]

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10 May 2011
{Sponsor: CHOC - Childhood Cancer Foundation of SA} Emmanuel Castis's project me story

Emmanuel Castis, born and raised in Johannesburg, has been a professional actor for 13 years. Emmanuel started out in musical theatre (Rocky in The Rocky Horror Show, the Prince in Cinders and Her Fella). This was followed by a number of stage roles in plays (Macbeth etc). Musical shows over the years include Frankly Speaking, […]

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9 May 2011
{Sponsor: Pregnancy Care Centre} - Lyn Temlett's project me story

Whenever I see a new born baby, I see a picture of faith and hope and love in its purest form. These are our factory default settings. As we grow older, facets of these three factors are stripped from us and unless we hit ?Restore Factory Settings?, we become less than what we were destined […]

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23 April 2011
Is it me or is my blog pink? - project me day 478

I know I have flu and it's clouding my brain but I'm sure I'm seeing doggies with buckets on their head and weird pink borders around my blog. I have moments of complete fuzziness and at those times when I look at the screen I see a pink border and other times I stare at […]

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21 April 2011
The Project Me new look - project me day 476

So, how do you like the look? Yes, there are a lot of looks in that one loaded sentence. There's the new design and layout that has been implemented because advertising is officially a reality. There's the 'um' of red hair that is still out with the jury and then there's the look of the […]

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14 April 2011
{Sponsor: Life Story and Me blog} Antony Chacko's project me story

Hi everyone, today I am here to tell you my ?Project Me? story, thanks to my wonderful friend Jodene. She has always been an inspiration to me; I consider this as a great honour to be a part of this wonderful project. I was in my 5th grade then; ?suddenly I had difficulty? in speaking, […]

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26 March 2011
Thava: From sponsor to hero - project me day 450

Like the usual chaos of life isn't enough, today I am sitting here a little (crap ... a lot frazzled) and feeling very much like it's deer in the headlights moments on after the other. Before I even begin the tales of woe, I have to say that I've just had ice cream, a very […]

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25 March 2011
The heat is on - project me day 449

I can?definitely?feel the pressure hitting from all sides. Boxes are being packed around me, people are waiting for documents from me, it's nearly 1pm and I haven't blogged yet. Seriously, it's that hectic that I have to do a 2 liner! Before I do, I have to thank my sponsor who always turns out to […]

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7 March 2011
{Sponsor: The Lunatic Cafe blog} Nikki Ramsey's project me story

I have a friend, I call my dragon.? And as you can imagine, it?s not a very good friend.? For most of my life I?ve lived with anxiety issues, OCD and depression.? It makes doing normal every day things difficult.?? Luckily I?m a reader and escape into a magical world every chance I can.? I […]

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4 March 2011
How to tell Your Project Me Story

  Project me is my daily blog that tells the story of my journey and all that can be achieved if we live each day with courage, consciousness and a sense of humour. However, there is more than just my story to tell. Project me has become a place where people touch reality and see […]

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28 February 2011
{Sponsor:Food & Trees for Africa} Carol Milner's project me story

The problem with humans is that when we have opportunities we in most instances don?t grab them.? By nature we procrastinate and when it?s too late, we come with the ?if only? syndrome. So I have been watching and reading my cousin by marriage?s blogs for exactly 416 days (with a little bit of envy).? […]

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19 February 2011
{Sponsor: The Peech Hotel} Mr and Mrs Nicholl's honeymoon surprise

Although it wan't a "SURPRISE!!" kind of surprise, all the sweat and tears to give my little sis and her new hubby a special wedding night treat was made possible by The Peech Hotel in Melrose, Johannesburg. I have never seen such sadness and chaos to the build up to a wedding, with the best […]

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