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1 January 2022
All I Have Become in the Twelve Years of #ProjectMe

Twelve years ago today I started to blog about my life. #ProjectMe began years before sharing my story online, but the accountability to myself changed dramatically when I opened myself up to share the story of what it meant to live what I believed to be the formula to a joyful, happy and fulfilled life. […]

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21 January 2011
Life gets in the way - project me day 386

I've seriously been trying to blog since 7am this morning. I don't have to defend myself and say I'm the glass half full girl so it's not like I need to slip into positive affirmation mode and cling to my dreams. Nothing has changed. My cup still runneth over with abundance and love. I don't […]

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7 May 2010
What would the fool do? - project me day 126

Years ago I studied tarot. Not as the art of fortune telling, but as a tool to help with my teaching and guiding through their life journey. It was one of the greatest gifts I gave myself and I still use it in my everyday life. Most of the time it's when this crazy 'fool' […]

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