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8 May 2012
Fast cars and unexpected adventures - project me post 849

I think we all find ourselves saying, "I should have done this ages ago." On the other hand, I truly believe everything happens for a reason and after days of not blogging, I ?couldn't wait to get through as much of the to-do list and just get here. Just a few weeks ago I felt […]

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21 April 2012
My first committee - project me day 840

  Milestones! Miracles! Magical moments! Those happen so often and take for granted just how very big they are. Today was one of them. With #FollowSA communities across the country collecting blankets for the #TBDZA and today the #Jozi team gathered on my couches and started to bring it all to life. Meet them: ?@ohgodknows, […]

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16 April 2012
Warm heart for snug blankets - project me day 835

I can literally hear a buzzing in my head. It's because of the whirlwind afternoon that I had. The morning was busy enough and I was consuming tea, in my usual fashion, to hold all the excitement together. Then the messages started flowing in ... emails and Tweets, all at the same time, all for […]

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