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23 March 2011
Still on the yellow brick road - project me day 447

If I could pick an easier route at times, I think I would jump at the opportunity. That moment always ends up being fleeting when I realise how much I would have missed out on had I changed one moment of my life. It's been 15 months of blogging but it's been 7 years since […]

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15 March 2011
No matter what - project me day 439

My skin's gone a little south from stress and a little too much of the unhealthy yet comforting food. I have fallen off the enthusiasm bus of my daily walks. I have forgotten all I taught myself about eating consciously. I haven't meditated for entire time I have lived with my mom. I have done […]

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28 November 2010
Nutty choices - project me day 328

For the first time ever I wrote an entire blog entry and deleted it. Why? Because it sounded like an agony aunt column and I didn't have an agony aunt day. Okay, some people might call it a little loopy, but I'm sure I'm not the only person who spends their day talking to themselves.

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3 November 2010
My right to fake it - project me day 305

I sat down to blog at about 11pm last night and had one of the most important moments with myself. Sliding my chair back, I knew that I had done enough for one day and that this could wait. I'm at the most crucial time of my healing because I am off all the strong […]

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1 August 2010
The day I will never forget - project me day 212

Today is my brother?s birthday. It?s also the anniversary of the day my family home burned down 6 years ago. To make it even more interesting, the day spa that Baba and I owned was in that family home. For the cherry on the cake, the friend I called to come to while I watched […]

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12 July 2010
This one is for my Springboks - project me day 190

I'm?feisty and outspoken at the best of times but my pet?peeve is couch potato commentary.???What has this got to do with 'project me'? Nothing and everything. Nothing because I don't think there is anything unconscious about my need to vent and have my say to these couch potato coaches, refs and athletes ... and everything […]

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26 June 2010
I can't do this - project me day 175

It's my blog and it's my project and I should be allowed to blog when I like. Um ... you think? No ... I have to blog in the moment! Who thought of this blogging daily and telling the world my truth stuff?? I wish I had some irresponsible marketing dude to blame ... but […]

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7 May 2010
What would the fool do? - project me day 126

Years ago I studied tarot. Not as the art of fortune telling, but as a tool to help with my teaching and guiding through their life journey. It was one of the greatest gifts I gave myself and I still use it in my everyday life. Most of the time it's when this crazy 'fool' […]

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