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24 February 2011
The things you learn from a sugar rush - project me day 420

I'm thinking it's going to be one of those days. Waking up to the wild antics of a kitten that looks like she should have been named after a princess is my own fault ... I never should have named her after a?mischievous? dragon. It would have been cute were I not coming down from […]

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8 February 2011
Creeping out of the woodwork - project me day 404

I'm racing against time to blog because the electricity is off again thanks to the builders who are slowly mutilating the house around us. It's interesting to have to let it go considering we are officially tenants here, but there are builders, dust and spurts of water and power interruptions all the time. It's not […]

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5 October 2010
The power of talk - project me day 276

It's amazing that with my inability to type I have been forced to talk on the phone so much more. I didn't realise how much I have lost touch with that personal communication and it's been so special to throw myself back into 'project me' with my very own voice.

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2 August 2010
Garfield and I hate Mondays - project me day 213

Garfield is my favourite character and of all the moments I remember about his lazy ass character,? I remember the day he tried to get away from Monday so he posted himself off to another country. What do you know, thanks to the time difference and his pathetic attempt at running away from his Monday […]

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26 July 2010
Two sides of the same coin - project me day 206

It's common knowledge that along with all the fabulous assets I was blessed with, I was also given an additional daily allowance a few extra thousand words a day. I have to do something with them, so I blog. That aside, I believe that I have the confidence and passion enough to share my life […]

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8 June 2010
What's in a Facebook poke? - project me day 157

Nothing is meaningless. No one actually does something for no reason at all. Not even the Facebook poke. I remember my humble introductions to Facebook and feeling my way around making friends and joining a whole bunch of pointless applications and groups. I also remember receiving a message from a friend who told me to […]

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2 June 2010
I'm not that girl anymore - project me day 151

Admittedly, I can't blog for long today (being halfway through day 152) because I've managed to waste more than half of it forcing myself into positive spaces ... but that's for tomorrow's blog. Today, I just have to get through this so that I can finally do some work for the first time in a […]

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18 May 2010
This is my rite of passage - project me day 136

Even though I've got a dear friend who's helped me prep for this afternoon's tattoo and I'm more than a thousand percent sure that I want this beautiful piece of art that is symbolic and permanent ... I can't help but admit that yesterday was consumed with the distracting fears of the needle. Text Guy […]

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16 May 2010
Where did it go? - project me day 134

I strategically planned that I blogged on Friday night in order to free up my bumble bee bizzzzy day on Saturday, but I didn't think that Sunday would fly away from me too and the next thing it would be Sunday night. I officially haven't missed a day considering I did Friday on Friday, now […]

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11 May 2010
My name is Jodene and I'm a brat - project me day 130

Today is the first morning in nearly a month that I've woken up without annoying butterflies in my stomach and apprehension at the forefront of my mind. It's even more annoying to wake up this way considering I really couldn't say that I'm loving exactly where I am in my life. I totally live in […]

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