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31 July 2014
It's cool to be a Twit in Joburg - project me post 1028

I got shouted at (with special care) from my friend, @The_Gossip_Guy for not bragging enough. He also gave me a little glare and then empathised (I think) when he saw that I genuinely don't think about blogging the little moments. Oh wait, maybe it's not such a little moment ... and that's a big lesson […]

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3 October 2012
Do we ever truly let go of the past - project me post 883

Just when I thought I had come so far and was so sorted with all of my childhood issues, I sat in a meeting today and the outcome was very clearly, "sort out those issues from the past first and then we can move forward." No, I wasn't sitting with a head doctor, in actual […]

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25 June 2011
Worthy of thunderous applause - project me day 540

I always wondered how this would be. The first time I would need to blog and I had a man in my life. It's one thing to be in my own little bubble and have such a hefty commitment, but it's another when someone shares your day and you have to find that moment when […]

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23 June 2011
We did it: Mashable's SMDayJozi - project me day 538

I like having a partner in crime and I'm so excited to introduce you to Derek Martin for an event that truly is defining me as the social influencers I have been working so hard at establishing myself as. I had a plan to work with Derek on the night I met him at the […]

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