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13 February 2017
You Never Dine Alone at Aarya Restaurant at Sun Square Montecasino

I got tired of waiting to have someone to go away with and someone to try new restaurants with. There was a moment, at the beginning of 2017, when I decided that being single was not a curse, but an adventure into the world to see who I could meet. I love getting away from […]

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1 February 2017
Project Me Vlog: Day 32 - A Night at Tsogo Sun 40 mins from Home
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9 May 2016
Getaway to the Newly Renovated Sabi River Sun Resort

[html ]  The year started off as if there wasn't a moment of chill time in December and it's mind boggling to think that we are already creeping to the midway mark of 2016. I knew it was going to happen, so I made one simple resolution ... mini breaks! If I was to hop […]

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3 February 2016
Rekindled love at Tsogo Sun

A love affair has an uncontrollable ebb and flow, with highs and lows which seem to test our commitment and passion. Life gets busy and we neglect the full potential of our love. Sometimes it last few a month and other times, it?s years before we realize how little love we are pouring into the […]

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26 May 2014
Tsogo Sun makes champagne and food & wine pairings an affordable treat

I've grown up some since #projectme began, when sipping on tea was my happy place. Well, I will always have a soft spot for tea, but I've blossomed into a girl who appreciates the finer things in life. Gone are the days of drinking anything that's going and I have learned to know the difference […]

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3 March 2014
I have walked a thousand posts - project me post 1000

I began planning a lavish event, with venue, drinks, guests and maybe a touch of press coverage. Instead I'm sitting, humbly, in a hotel room with a cup of tea and overlooking the Cape Town Table Mountain. A thousand posts!!!! I remember the day it began on the 1st of January 2010. The only thing […]

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18 February 2014
The warm embrace of Tsogo Sun - Project Me post 997

I'm doing the every thing I said I wouldn't do to myself this year. While sitting with a dear friend a few days before New Year, we chatted about what we wanted to do differently in 2014 and mine was (is) very simple. I just want to make time for me. I have one of […]

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2 February 2014
Lost in a month - project me post 996

I hate that feeling of leaving something too long and then having to make the call, face the friend, respond to the email ... blog!! Yes, it's been a month! Amazingly, it wasn't because I have been contemplating whether I want to continue this journey or not. I think a lot of the time I […]

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25 June 2013
The #TsogoORT Tsogo Sun experience - project me post 960

Who would have thought that 960 posts down the line I would be sitting in a hotel room about 15 minutes from my home, blogging about a day of hotels of outrageous pampering. Some things never change and as I sit on a bed that I wish I could sneak into my handbag and take […]

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23 May 2013
Much needed Gold Reef City weekend away - project me post 952

Of course it was nearly a week ago and of course I'm only find time to blog about it now. That's why the Gold Reef City blogger's weekend was such a treat for me. It's that time of the year where I start saying I can't believe how the year is flying and every part […]

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