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18 August 2017
The Co-Creation Journal

This is as new for me as it may be for you. It's only been a few days since I was drawn to begin my co-creation journal. I've journaled for years and after I completed writing The Holistic Entrepreneur, something shifted. I didn't want to do what I had been doing for so long. It […]

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13 April 2014
Because accidents happen - project me post 1007

Proudly, I can say that it's my first accident. Not so bad for 40! It's also not too shabby to say that I was smacked into while obeying the rules of the road. It's amazing, when I was learning to drive a family friend kept drumming into my head that it's not about how I […]

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23 January 2011
Bra, house and orange candles - project me day 388

I've seen strangers shopping lists, I'm certain of it. I knew that I took the festive season to chill for some very important reason. Didn't I keep saying I knew some very big things were heading my way? I'm sure I announced more than once that I had the feeling I would hit the ground […]

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14 May 2010
Take a tour through - project me day 132

Yesterday finally signalled relaunch day for my website and big reveal day for my second blog. Behind the scenes I've been secretly working on branding my specially designed products and preparing the first blog posts. I'm the worst at having a surprise and not being able to share it. Christmas time is a nightmare for […]

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2 May 2010
More getting to know me questions - project me day 121

I'm trying to have one of those days where I chill out as much as I can because I have a funny feeling that things are beginning to lift off and weekends are going to get busy. Oh wait ... from next Saturday I'm teaching archetypes again, so it is going to get busy. So, […]

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29 April 2010
Boobs go first - project me day 118

Yes ... this blog is about my boobs! But first I'm taking one last moment to vent over the chaos that I've had with technology for the past few days. When I was growing up and one of my siblings irritated me, I would run crying to my mother. She always had the same answer […]

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22 April 2010
So I need a little help - project me day 111

Walking up on a freezing morning for the second time in a row and I decided that gym wasn't on the cards. It takes ?a lot to make good excuses now that I'm so focused on being conscious every day and living in my truth. The excuse was easy enough to be convincing without it […]

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16 April 2010
Appointments, meetings and bookings - project me day 105

I'm definately waking up more alive and refreshed after going to sleep before midnight, now working into the late hours and switching off the brain for a while. The stats have gone a bit to the dogs since the change in plans, but I'm have to remember that focusing on rankings for 'project me' is […]

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9 March 2010
Besides that ... I'm loving being single - Day 69

Firstly ... let's hear it for my Knight who made some awesome changes to the the blog ... lighter and brighter! My day started so well. It actually began so incredibly refreshingly that when I reflect back on the simple exercise of reawakening the editing of my novel last night, I can't believe how simple […]

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