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15 February 2012
The upside of cheesy Valentine's Day - project me day 774

Granted, I'm Libra and therefore romance is high up on my list of character traits. My other half ... and I'm still not nearly done saying 'fiance', well he's Scorpio and a little more to the point and less about romance. So how does that play out on Valentine's Day? After getting off to a […]

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15 February 2011
Love is on the way - project me day 411

"Love is on the way On wings of angels I know it's true, I feel it coming through Love is on the way Time is turning the pages I don't know when But love will find me again I am not afraid Of the mystery of tomorrow I have found the faith deep within There's […]

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13 February 2010
This is my Valentine's Eve - Day 44

When I had my own place, I would never end my day without a chat with Fence Guy ... who's thousand of miles away. Sometimes it would be a good few hours and other times it was just enough to time to check how our day was and say good night. Between not having my […]

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