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7 May 2014
The kitchen table post for Blog every day in May - Project Me post 1014

Everything is always in perfect timing. It took a long time for me to truly get my head around that, in all my spiritual quests for the meaning of life. Sometimes it's a serious response, which helps me get through trying time, and on other days it's the perfect reminder of an exciting and special […]

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18 May 2011
Miss-you-daddy voting day - project me day 503

My plans was the get the vote done and then blog tonight after all was done and dusted and I could share my experience, but the truth is ... I need to sober up before voting. It's not my fault. We were invited to some very dear friends for lunch and they had a treat […]

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5 January 2011
Poll: Dare I ditch the blonde? - project me day 370

Besides the flattery, I'm now getting sufficiently nervous about changing my hair colour. I've been blonde for about 4 and a half years now and I know most people don't know me any other way. I wasn't very active on Facebook before then so I don't even think there's a picture of me with dark […]

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