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19 February 2011
The beauty of a woman ... - project me day 415

In creating my own reality, I choose what to believe and it always becomes my truth. I spend my life saying 'I am that powerful', 'you are the powerful', and 'we are that powerful'. One of my realities is that everything has its duality. Light has dark, love has hate, happiness has sadness. I had […]

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18 February 2011
What happens to a harrowed self worth? - project me day 414

Nothing ... I miss teaching terribly. I realised last night, after my self discovery group with a few old students, that I'm going crazy without teaching. I've blamed money for my frustration for a while now but the realisation is that I'm not being me and it's chewing away at my self esteem. So this […]

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9 August 2010
This is my women's day - project me day 220

My Facebook status for women's day went a little something like this: Here is to all of the beautiful, special, amazing, charming, loving, caring and incredibly tolerant men in this world! You can have some of my day ... you deserve it! Where is men's day? I love being a woman but I also can't […]

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