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27 February 2011
More than just an afternoon nap - project me day 423

Admittedly, I've felt crappy for days. Damn, now I have to explain myself! There is a line of diabetes in my family, so I really shouldn't be messing around with how I eat considering I've been diagnosed with a pretty high level of something. I don't know how it all works but I do know […]

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21 February 2011
You got to do it to know you don't wanna - project me day 417

For those of you who don't live in the land of the traditional South African meat dish called boerewors. It's a sausage that means 'farmer's sausage' and it's beyond yummy. The reason why it's so important to introduce you to it or tease my fellow South African's with the thought of it is because boerewors […]

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15 February 2011
Love is on the way - project me day 411

"Love is on the way On wings of angels I know it's true, I feel it coming through Love is on the way Time is turning the pages I don't know when But love will find me again I am not afraid Of the mystery of tomorrow I have found the faith deep within There's […]

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14 February 2011
I caught the bouquet - project me day 410

I'm exhausted after a day that turned out to be more magical than I ever imagined it could be. I can't believe that my little sis is married and I am thrilled to say that it was one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been too ... AND I caught the bouquet. World, meet […]

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13 February 2011
How to babysit a bride & groom - project me day 409

It's 6am on the morning of my little sis's wedding and I thought it best to get the blogging done before bride, mother of the bride and madness awakens. Got my tea in my princess mug and a particularly happy smile on my face today. One of my favourite songs (which I have taken as […]

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12 February 2011
Not the story I wanted to be telling - project me day 408

This is certainly not how I thought I would wake up feeling the day before my sister's wedding. These are the moments when I most realise the power of 'project me' and am so grateful for my space to express myself and remind myself of the values by which I live by: with courage, consciousness […]

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11 February 2011
The most eventful day ever - project me day 407

It's not far off from the truth. By the time I closed my eyes to sleep I had to convince myself that I wasn't having a mini heart attack and it was most probably my heart's relief that the day was done. It's like a marathon of events so let's start at the beginning and […]

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9 February 2011
Little Dragonfae and Big Storms - project me day 405

What happens when it's that sink or swim moment? What do you do with it? I usually buckle down and force on more work, but it seems Miss Universe helped with a little intervention and turned my unconscious pattern of survival into an adventurous day that just might have had more impact than even I […]

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6 February 2011
Bookmark this day - project me day 402

These past few days have been pretty memorable for 'project me'. It's not often that I get myself into a space that I battle to get out after a good dose of self reflection, a good chat with a friend or some ice cream. Granted, I didn't try the ice cream bit considering it's sis's […]

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30 January 2011
R & R on demand - project me day 395

It has been a very exciting week with so many reasons to be proud of me. Back to gym was the biggest of them. It's been a challenging week too with having to deal with money conversations with people I value more than a currency. It's been a bonding week where sibling rivalry and the […]

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