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9 August 2011
Women's Day and this one's for the girls - project me day 586

This one's for all you girls about thirteen High school canbe so rough, can be so mean Hold onto, on to your innocence Stand your ground when everyone's giving in This one's for the girls This is for all you girls about twenty-five In a little apartment, just trying to get by Living on, on […]

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2 August 2011
It's not always a numbers game - project me day 574

Yesterday was the start of Women's month in SA. I have spent the past few days reflecting back on my blog post a year ago and realised that I didn't lose any followers from my different point of view on the energy of a day or month created for the awareness of women. To start […]

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29 July 2011
It's a good excuse, butt! - project me day 570

I know you know that I had one of the most fun and thrilling days of my life, never mind blogging career, yesterday. I truly need an entire blog to thank the Joburg Theatre, the cast of Burn the Floor and an amazing group of SA celebs for one freaking awesome day. I know my […]

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9 August 2010
This is my women's day - project me day 220

My Facebook status for women's day went a little something like this: Here is to all of the beautiful, special, amazing, charming, loving, caring and incredibly tolerant men in this world! You can have some of my day ... you deserve it! Where is men's day? I love being a woman but I also can't […]

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