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8 April 2013
Who needs photographs anyway - project me post 944

Today my dad would have been 72 and while my family all post pictures of them with him ... well ... that's what this vlog post is about!

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24 January 2011
I live in a country with no country - project me day 389

Times are trying, I'm not gonna kid myself or paint a pretty picture. Not even kitty is a bundle of joy now that she's turned into Jack the ripper and keeps jumping onto the parrot's cage. There's proof that we will always be who we intrinsically are. Kitty might be a bundle of cute and […]

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28 October 2010
The best things in life - project me day 300

Firstly, I can't believe that there are only 65 days to go until the end of the year. I remember thinking I was nuts to try and attempt blogging every day for a year and I can't believe how time has flown. Now I'm beginning a countdown to year two. Interestingly, I could run away […]

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21 January 2010
Where's day 21?

I decided to get inspirational and do a video blog ... which I can't wait to share with you! It's gonna have to be tomorrow though, because loading videos to youtube is no joke in Sunny South Africa! Thanks for asking everyone, today was so much better than yesterday ... I'll let you know when […]

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