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21 June 2015
By the light of the Winter Solstice

As the sun fades and the usual ritual would be turn on the lights, I strike a match, one by one, until my home is lit with candles. It's the simplest reminder of the Winter Solstice & it's celebration of coming out of the darkening days and walking, slowly towards the light of spring. Yule […]

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22 June 2011
The shining light of Yule - project me day 537

Yule is definitely one of my favourite Pagan festivals and one that seemed to arrive sooner than expected. With everything else going on, I didn't realise that it was upon me so soon and literally organise everything in a day. Luckily Paganism is all about heading out into the park and grabbing whatever nature has […]

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18 June 2011
Nature and my beast - project me day 534

All the?preparations?where going swimmingly with 'project body' until it was time to put the numbers out there for the world to see. I'm getting support in so many areas of life because I've realised that I just don't trust myself to do the journey on my own. I'm so lucky to have the support I […]

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1 May 2011
Witchy winter pumpkin soup - project me day 486

It's officially winter and last night was my time to share so good old traditional dishes with my friends. Something that started out with a little apprehension and a whole lot of doubting that it would last very long has become a very big event within the circle of people I love and last night […]

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