Take a tour through jodene.co.za - project me day 132

14 May 2010

The new look of jodene.co.za

Yesterday finally signalled relaunch day for my website and big reveal day for my second blog. Behind the scenes I've been secretly working on branding my specially designed products and preparing the first blog posts.

I'm the worst at having a surprise and not being able to share it. Christmas time is a nightmare for me because I have to buy my presents early to avoid the shopping rush, but then I'm forced to sit with the secret of the gifts and not spoil my friends for days ... my website has been the same. I have been driving Greggie insane because I haven't been able to write posts before I knew the launch date for fear of over excitement and accidently forcing myself to do some form of big reveal prematurely.

Talking about premature ... let's get down to business and take a tour ... starting with my brand new project that began many years ago as a very private and sacred healing journey. Organic Orgasm (I've been dying to post that name here and share it with you guys) is are?talks and?courses and a?self help blog dealing with?questions, tips and?facts about?sex and providing much needed?relationship help. Whether having sex or?making love, both require a healthy?self esteem and comfort in your own?sexuality.
Organic Orgasm was born through my own relationship with my sexuality and the realisation I had that people needed the same tools I had given myself in order to revel in the joys of sex and shamelessly explore the pleasures of a body that was designed to orgasm ... in many fun, exploring and passionate ways. The more I shared my healthy relationship with my body and sex, the more people showed me how much Organic Orgasm is needed. I only intended to help women to start, but some of the best moments of sharing tips, techniques and relationship help has been with men who have been relieved to have someone share either their issues or the problems sex is causing within their relationship ... and ... they were so willing to take advice and do anything to fix the problems within themselves and their relationships. Woo hoo ... Organic Orgasm then branched out to anyone and everyone with three initial blog topics and talks: Sex and the single, The relationship helping hand, sexy self esteem ... and I think the topics speak for themselves. I can't believe I finally have a website with a big warning square on it. 😉

A little less controversial but none the less as daring is Manifestation Myths which began a few years ago while I was teaching an array of metaphysical topics. The general pattern of the student's energy was dissapointment and misunderstanding of all the self help and personal development tool and techniques that hit the shelves and the net. Through my own tripping over of stumbling block and using the tools in the way the "universe" ... being me of course (and you) I began to break the myths and guide my students.
In a nutshell ... The more who believe in and?create your own reality using the tools of?manifestation and the?power of thought, the great the overall?consciousness will be, allowing the?law of attraction to draw?abundance to others within the world. Through talks and courses, Manifestation Myths brings to light the misconceptions and misunderstanding of how to live within the happiness and abundance of the life journey. This, my friends, is how I live my ever day and share it with you as 'project me'.

Although ... project me has it's own talks and courses as I get up there and shamelessly talk about standing within the power of being able to be your own life coach. I have done this with the greatest life coach of ?all ... myself. Yet, I have also understood the power of needing that sounding board and 'person' and chose Greggie (my best friend and business partner ... who's also launched his rocking website ... Oh God Knows) to be that person who is neutral and fair and never interferes, but allows you to hear yourself talk, think and dream.

Monthly news has been a part of jodene.co.za for over two years now and the news continues to flow. It has a new structure now that Lifeology is the mother ship with a rocking new mailing system that shares all the products within the company. I'm the proudest owner of my growing business!!!

Then I just couldn't resist but to do my little PR and marketing thing and begin getting my name out there as a writer. So ... added to the blog is the life of a writer. Ephineah ... the infamous novel is the first post with the outline of the plot and so it will grow with tales as I share the journey of having the children's books published and of being an aspiring published author who's humble beginnings began with a South African blog and grew to an international writing career with book signings in a town near you. Oh ... don't you just love the power of thought!!

I don't know how to thank my Knight enough for creating such a beautiful website and bringing my work and dreams to the world in the true light that depicts my vision and character. Bruce Young ... you are the bomb!!!

Of course I schmoozled and fed both him and Greggie what I believe to be the best minestrone soup recipe out there. It's actually the way Jamie Oliver taught me to make it and as pointed out by Greggie (with?sarcasm) ... it's more like minestrone stew!!
Whatever it is ...

Soup or stew ... it got the job done!

... it got the job done and day 132 signaled the launch of jodene.co.za
and a brand spanking new chapter in my awesome life journey!

9 comments on “Take a tour through jodene.co.za - project me day 132”

  1. mmm.... Soup 🙂 Although I prefer mine rather thin, almost like dishwater 😉

    Looks like you have quite a nice little network of sites going. Some interesting reading and no doubt I'll have to add my 2c worth.
    My recent post California Dreamin'

    1. Thanks so much for all the support you show me my friend. I love your 2c worth and can't wait to make you a big pot of soup!

  2. Keep up the good work, bookmarked and referred some friends.

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