Taking it one, two, three at a time - project me day 916

6 January 2013

I'm back to work tomorrow after a well needed few weeks of simply breaking the routine. It's a perfect balance between nervous and excited because I truly believe that this year is going to push my boundaries on so many levels. I know it's going to be the year when Greggie and I achieve what we want to, individually, in the business and one of my great lessons is to know that I can do so much on my own.

It was the focus of a lot of my thoughts these past few weeks and I realised how I have become reliant on others because I don't think I'm smart enough, business minded enough, noticeable enough or impactful enough. DON'T SHOUT ... I did put all of that right down and I know none of it is true, but I still have to take each step to reassure myself of that and prove a lot to myself.

It's also the year that I let go of the kilo and I've had massive realisations about that too. Yep, the breakup did toss me into an eating spree for a while, but at least the universe was kind enough to have it fall over the festive season when no one really eats healthy. I've watched myself eat and what I do to myself and I can feel the shift in my energy because I'm so ready to do something very different and be incredibly kind to myself and my body.

Yesterday I spring cleaned my room and and while moving all my stuff around, dusting and washing some very special glass in my life, I remembered a post I had seen a few weeks ago ...

To lose project meThe one glass is filled with the one, two, three ... 27kg I still have to lose and the other glass is waiting for me to lose it one, two, three kilos at a time.

I have finally gotten my head around what works for me when it comes to eating and I now stand on the scale in the morning so I can even tell you what I ate the day before that got me a little stuck.
I'm no longer the enemy of carbs and even have a decent treat like an ice cream every once and a while. I know my lifestyle takes me out a lot and I have learned how to eat during the day and what's best to have at cocktail parties to still wake up a few hundred grams lighter.

I've also been extreme in every direction and know that it's healthy to lose the weight slowly, so I'm not trying to lose 2kg a week. I'm not even trying to lose 500g a week. I'm just waking up every day and doing the best I can so that I'm still having fun, being healthy and can slowly move one little stone into the glass at a time ... until the whole transfer of 'stones' is over.

As for exercise ... well, we are still working on being friends, but I have a great plan for that!!

2 comments on “Taking it one, two, three at a time - project me day 916”

  1. Sorry about the break-up but so glad that you are still looking at life with a conquering spirit, i,2, or 3 at a time.

    Love to you, my friend!

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