Taking my power back - project me day 285

14 October 2010

Clearly yesterday inspired me because I woke up this morning and I realised that I couldn?t judge my healing progress as I had religiously been taking my pain medication out of the fear of experiencing pain. Although the nerve is pinched the medication has never taken that away so what is it actually doing? The sun?s about to set and it?s the first day in well over a month that I haven?t popped a pill for pain. That got me thinking and I know that my body?s at a point where I want to take responsibility for the healing. I want to say that the doctor suggested another 6 weeks of bed rest but that my body is stronger and I am more powerful than that.

Months ago Greggie sent me information about a body stress release therapist and today I decided it was time so the appointment is tomorrow. Although the orthopaedic surgeon managed to stress my mind about chiropractics or physiotherapy at the moment, I?m trusting my instinct and going with the strange introduction, coordinated by my mother, to a chiropractor with a refreshing attitude towards healing.

Along with my new mindset and taking back the control of my body, Greggie has set up a meeting with a family member who was diagnosed with ME, which just so happens to be the illness that affects my main character in my novel, Ephineah. It?s been a year and a half since I worked on the novel and I?m determined to get it finished and self-published.

Although my day has been filled with apprehension and it took me the greater part of the morning to convince my mind that the painkillers weren?t holding my body together like glue, I?d say this has been a good project me day. One where I remembered that I am in control of my body and my body does not control me.

7 comments on “Taking my power back - project me day 285”

  1. As Yoda would say: "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." Indeed take control for the body is but a vehicle, a device for us to interact with each other. 😀 Sadly they do eventually wear out and break down on occasion too. Then again, sometimes the body keeps going just because the mind or heart demand it to do so.

    Gotta love that little green guy. 😉

    I'd suggest however that even if you're not gonna do the whole 6 weeks of bed rest, at least try to take it easy... but somehow I get the feeling that'll fall on deaf ears.

    My recent post Im Not a Girl- Not Yet a Woman

    1. Um, Yoda ... this girl is promising to listen and there shall be no deaf ears here ... I have discovered how precious this body is, but I'm thinking that was the whole purpose of project me anyway!

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