Tea for three - project me day 346

16 December 2010

It's perfect blogging time. My sister is showing off her veil to my oldest sister and I am hiding away because I don't want to see anything before her wedding day. I can't believe that it's seven weeks away. Table seatings are nearly done and Greggie and I are sitting at the 'aunty' table. Amazingly that's where I really want to be.

I used to live with my one aunty, Lala, who is not even my real aunt but I don't know her as anything else but. Her kids have been my cousins and she has been like my second mom for many year. Of course the aunties just adore Greggie with all of that charm. I'm also relieved because I have my outfit and everyone else still has to get organised ... sigh with relief.

Today is a public holiday and it's been a very rainy day so I keep thinking it's Sunday. I think I'm still a little shocked that it's countdown time until the end of the year. It's not as much the beginning of a new year as it is the full cycle of 'project me'. I thought that by this time I would be wishing everyone a farewell and thanking them for a all their support in my one year stint of blogging. Meanwhile, I'm planning year two and turning 'project me' into a product all on it's own. You know that feeling of nerves and excitement being the same thing? Well that's how I'm feeling right now. I am curious to see how I go with having to blog every day over the Christmas and New Year time. That time when everything is supposed to shut down for a while!

Wait, I'm not supposed to be thinking so far advance. Instead, I have to say a very big thank you to Irvin's mommy for baking the most amazing cheesecake today. Hustler Girl and Irvin came for tea and I did the whole teapot thing ... tee hee! There is still half a cheesecake in the fridge just waiting to be eaten. That's being saved for tomorrow because I've been really good at not eating carbs after lunch. Actually it's a lot easier than I thought.

Um ... I'm actually going to make this one really short! My sisters and nephews are all making lots of noise in the kitchen and the veil has been packed away so I can come out of hiding.

The one and only John Edward ... yes the psychic ... happens to have his hair done by my sister when his is South Africa and he?recommended?that we see an old movie called Made in Heaven. We haven't all pile into my mom's room in ages and I can't wait. So I'll catch you tomorrow and let you know how the movie was.

Oh before I forget ... Dixie Chicks and 9 days to go 😉

9 comments on “Tea for three - project me day 346”

  1. Real aunt or not... 😛 kinda a funny one when you think of it. But one of the most important lessons I've learned over the years is that not all blood is family and not all family is blood.

    Cheesecake... only one flavour to be had for those... Blueberry!! (And am a sucker for cherries) but blueberries make the best ever cheesecake - END OF STORY 😉

    I'm still calling John Edward an entertainer... but don't believe his psychic abilities or his powers of being a medium. Call me a cynic... 😛 but not a psychic 😀
    My recent post Christmas Time In Hell

    1. Oh my goodness, I thought I replied to this. I must have had one of those conversations that I usually have with you in my head. You know the one where you are going 'just saying' and I go 'wateva Yoda'!! Funny that ... you had so much to say in this comment and didn't find one spot to say it in!! You must be very serious about blueberry cheesecake and the non psychic 😉

      A week ... just one little week!

        1. I didn't know you were such a cheesecake fan ... we might have to put that on the list for next time ... not on the beach though 😉

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