Tears - project me day 329

29 November 2010

I can't believe I'm blogging this, but I'm so sore that I can hardly sit. Damn!!!

I knew it was going to be a two steps forward, one step back process, but some days are beyond frustrating. I lie, the whole day hasn't been frustrating, only the last hour or so has, but now I can't even sit to blog about how great it was.

It was though ...

Because I'm sore, I'm also emotional and because I'm emotional I would want to eat ... but because something has changed since I began the Slimlab I don't want to binge ... and that has brought me to tears.

Okay, some are excited for the future tears, others are gratitude tears, some are hopeful ... the rest is frustration.

It's newsletter deadline tomorrow and Greggie has done so much, so I decided to get it done tonight and help him out for a change ... and I can't!

What's 'project me' about again?
Sometimes it's so hard to keep it all together, make it fun and see the silver lining ... but if I get through tonight without a freak binge and without pushing my body to breaking point, then I'm right on track!

While I'm crying ... some tears are because of how blessed I am! Robbie, Greggie and Niel ... without knowing it, you kept me going through the day! Thank you ... and with that, another tear!

5 comments on “Tears - project me day 329”

  1. 😀 Well...

    In the book Dune it was said of Paul Atreidies, that after his hand to hand battle where he was left killing the his opponent, that his greatest tribute was that he was able to shed a tear for doing so. In a land where water was so scarce the greatest gift anyone could give was water, in any form. I guess that pretty much sums up the value of a single tear. Sometimes the sign of immense strength.

    A tear for that which has gone
    A tear for that which has been lost
    But... a tear for that which will be 😉

    As for Greg... well, that's what he's there for. His time will come and when it does you can tell him to buck up, let you get on with it... When that day comes, perhaps a tear of thanks for being able to do you bit too? Who knows?

    But hey... I'm just sayin' 😉
    My recent post Yoda

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