Tell me I'm not the only one who ... Day 60

28 February 2010

Tell me I'm not the only one who woke up before sunrise for no apparent reason! Alright there was a reason ... um ... which leads me to another question. Please tell me I'm not the only one who can't get through an entire night without a 'pee' break?

Tell me I wasn't the only person who had work to do first thing on a Sunday morning? I also need a little reassurance that I wasn't the only one out there who had a Sunday morning deadline? Oh please ... tell me that no matter how organised you think you are, you find yourself running around at the last moment like a crazy person?

It is only when I need to print something in a rush that the printer spits out 5 of the same page and cuts off the last line of each?
Why does it happen to me that I start off with two hours to get dressed and end up with 20 minutes?

I cannot believe that I'm the only one who needs to do a touch of making up ... you know ... eyeliner and lipstick ... while driving! Oh come on ... us girls know how to multi task? Right ladies? Tell me I'm not the only one?

I always feel like I'm the only one who manifests a sore tummy on the perfect Sunday lunch day. When starters are yummy cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce on crackers. Why, oh why are those the upset tummy days?

I'd be so happy to know that life is a little scary right now and it's hitting your physically too. To top it all off, it's that really ouchy tummy ache that hurts ... a lot!

Do you also have family lunch with a friends entire family and feel moments of envy?
Do you also spend the same day with the same family and have moments when you realise how blessed you are?
I don't do organised family lunches with my family even though we are all in the same country. There is something really special about whipping out the diary and planning the next family gathering? Anyone else wish you had more of that?

Does anyone wish they still had grandparents? ... or a pet?
Ok, a pet isn't that great for me ... I would need a home, just maybe?

I anyone else petrified about their future? Like really, really so freakin' scared ... even though you don't have any doubt that you are living your dream and never doubt your success? Ok ... sometimes doubt your success?

Is anyone else waiting for their families approval?

Have you decided that tomorrow is a new month and a new day and so the diet and exercise is going to start again?

Oh wait, did you also decided that diets don't work, so it's just healthy eating that you're aiming for?
I do this whole crazy thing in my mind where I can convince myself that I could totally survive on fresh squeezed carrots and beetroot (eeeeewww) or follow a decent eating plan.

I ended my 9 year partnership today. I feel like I am the only one who has ever had to walk away from such?commitment. I also feel like I'm being selfish by having a little shadow of doubt of worry that the business will boom and be a super success without me. Um ... how selfish is that? ANYONE???

I save all my miniseries for Sunday night ... it's house now! He's nuts ... I just love him!

Anyone feel like ice cream right now? Just one huge big scoop before the healthy week begins??

Am I the only person who had the hair brain idea of making this year all about me?

I so hope that, through it all, I'm not the only one who's having fun ...

Anyone ...

2 comments on “Tell me I'm not the only one who ... Day 60”

  1. Bring on the ice cream!

    Not waiting for approval. But then again, only family I have are all over the world. Then again, what about those close to me here, surely they qualify as family?

    Guess that's why I hold my pets so highly on my list of important things.

  2. Don't you know that friends are the family we get to choose?
    Sometimes I don't have their approval either ... hmmmm!
    It's definitely one of the toughest things to overcome!

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