Linda Piegl


"What struck me about Victor right from the beginning was his willingness to explain the work he does to put a potential client at ease and to help them identify whether the session is right for them. I knew immediately it (Transcendence Healing Therapy) was what I had been looking for.

On meeting Victor, his warm, friendly energy helps you feel comfortable discussing your reasons for wanting the session or opening up about your life. He is highly knowledgeable and able to explain energy healing in layman’s terms while underpinning it with quantum physics. And all the while he is kind and nurturing. Victor takes time to work with you, you never feel that he is rushing to get to the next client. And before you leave, he explains how you might feel after the session, as well as things you can do to ground yourself or release emotions that may arise.

For me, what was so incredibly special about Victor was the follow-up. I have consulted many healers over the years and not one of them followed up like Victor did. He checked in with me from time to time to see how I was doing, even weeks afterwards. He’d give advice or just share some mantras. It really made an impression and is among the many reasons I highly recommend him and the work he does."

Donna Arden

Knotting Heal – Beauty & Body Therapist

“If tenacity, loyalty and a shining passion for living with the proposal for betterment and achievers is the the crime, Jodene Shaer is the prime suspect.I have had the pleasure and the knowledge of watching Jodene build her dreams while the landscaping was still in draft , seeing her place ideals and resources on a platform, a presence of integrity and network that was strategy then, with the same supreme energy and force this tenacious soul has presented today.One can only be striving for positive influence to be in the stand up line alongside her, in a part of this development she has created as a courageous platform of performance for all. The verdict is out and tenacity exhumes. Jodene has the lifetime award.”

Candice Liao

Manager at Chien International Corp

“Greg is a warm and passionate person with the greatest enthusiasm for coaching. He is expert at tailoring each session accordingly to my needs and his professional guidance. I came out of each session empowered with a deeper understanding of my leadership abilities as well as wisdom to overcome future challenges in my career and personal life. I would definitely recommend Greg as a coach.”

Darrell Cuthbert

Freelance Copywriter & Owner at WordTiffie Copywriting & Web Content

“Jodene has to be one of the most enthusiastic and infectious online personalities that I have ever crossed paths with. We have shared many ideas, made recommendations on each others work and done a little co-blogging etc. Her insight can be a tremendous asset to any business, but especially those with an internet presence that is foundering or for those wanting to enter this sphere.”

Braden Weinstock

Associate (Intern) at Beyond Borders Investment Strategies, LLC

“I had the pleasure of having Greg as my personal coach while I was in the Emzingo NexGen South Africa Fellowship. Greg was an incredibly supportive coach that was quick to understand me and adapt his style to help me achieve the most from our time together. As a coach Greg is warm, honest, and thoughtful. He helped me to grow as a leader and when I left South Africa I had a friend.”

Dezy De Lima

Comair Travel Product & Marketing Manager | Holiday Tours Brand Custodian

“Jodene is an inspirational individual and every dealing with her has been a great success. ”

Chris MacLean

Country Manager at Emzingo Group LLC

“Greg has been involved with Emzingo both as an individual and group coach and facilitator. Yes Greg is hardworking, detail-oriented, organized and very effective at coaching and facilitation, but his biggest asset might be that he is highly personable, adaptable and perceptive. This makes Greg extremely versatile as a coach and facilitator, he is able to work with a very diverse and wide range of personalities and cultures which is extremely important and valuable in the people development space. I am always fully confident putting Greg in any situation with our clients and I would absolutely recommend him as an asset to any organization.”

Juliette Vasilyev

Marketing and Operations Professional

“Greg was an absolutely amazing person to work with at Emzingo this Summer! He provided a lot of direction through the Lifeology personal development curriculum that he taught and through the 3 private coaching sessions that we had. Greg is a very good coach; he did not dictate a certain way of life or thought to me, he guided me to voice realizations and conclusions that were somewhere in my subconscious already.”

Antonios Bougiouris

Associate Consultant at McGill Business Consulting Group

“I had the pleasure of working with Greg during my summer internship in South Africa. His lectures, reflection sessions and personal coaching were an integral part of my personal development while on my consulting project. The tools and lessons I learned as a result of the workshops and coaching are ones that I will take with me into my professional career. His approach is both supportive and informative, often allowing you to see things that you may not want to but are important for your growth. I highly recommend his services. With an open mind and with Greg’s help, there is potential to transform old patterns of though and behaviour. Great guy and effective approach!”