Thank You and Farewell to the Energy Updates

30 May 2022
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Happy New Moon in Gemini day.

This is a very interesting post for me to share because it's a transformative one and is perfectly aligned with the timing of the New Moon. So much so, that I will be working on it during the exact time of Gemini New Moon.

I used to be very ritualistic during the moon phases and I would stop everything to do sit outside with the moon, be by the river and all these different focused things. Then something changed a couple of months ago and I wanted to be doing what I love at the time of the moon phases.

For me, working with the energy of the planets, the Zodiacs and the Moon is a very foundational way of creating what I have wanted in my life. That is why, as a transformation coach and guide, I have taken these tools and guided so many people with them.

Yes, Astrology can be airy-fairy and so can numerology, but it can also be a collaborative tool that gives you a deep understanding of who you are.

When my esteem wobbles, I start explaining why I use these tools and then I anchor myself back into the results it has had on me and my clients to date. It was all ramped up during the impact of Covid-19 in 2020 when my life was tossed upside down. I had to figure out a way to make myself relevant in a new way when we were all either spiralling or pivoting.

In that, the energy updates became something where I shared the numerology and the astrology to help people find comfort. I know that it's been something very supportive for people and boy, was it needed. Sharing the numerology, Moon phases and retrogrades has become a ritual. At one stage, I was even putting it out weekly and it was a part of me saying, “I'm here to help. I'm here to support”.

Now we're sitting in this Gemini New Moon energy, which is all about expression, communication and how you authentically share yourself with the world. It brings up what you do with your intellect and the closer it got to me putting this energy update out the more I really started to question the reason why I've been putting it out there.

What's so important to understand is I can put this energy update up for the rest of my life but if you don't know your traits: where your Sun, Moon and Rising signs are, which create the traits of who you are - if you have no connection to your numerology, to understand those traits and how they guide you to create your own fulfilment and joy, then it's kind of pointless getting this information every month.

A perfect example is the New Moon is currently in Gemini and at the time of my birth, Gemini was in my third house. Every time anything Astrological is happening with Gemini, it’s impacting that particular area of my life.

However, it may be impacting your 6th, 10th or 7th house. Houses are basically the way the sky is divided into 12 pieces. Each impacts an area of our lives. Therefore, Gemini is doing something different in your life because of the particular house it governs through your whole life, for example, the 2nd house governs our values and the 7th is how we behave and interact in relationships.

For me,  as the 3rd house where Gemini is, my communication and thoughts are in the spotlight. How do I take my intellect and impactfully express it into the world? I’ve been asking myself if I have been using my voice with the most authentic capacity or is my energy scattered?

The reality is that my energy is scattered. I want to help as many people as possible but actually, I can't help you if I don't know where Gemini is situated in your birth chart. If I'm not guiding you through your traits to understand how to best use this Gemini energy, I can't help you.

If I'm not explaining how the ego works and the collaboration between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind, the rational mind and the irrational mind, I can't help you.

If you don't fully understand the rational and the irrational mind, then the energy updates aren’t serving any of us.

I have had to admit that the monthly energy updates have had a spray and pray effect. Gemini calls for contemplation and deep honesty, so I can be honest with you that I’m hearing myself need to pull my energy together, not be scattered, and use my energy to reach more people where I can touch your lives and truly guide you. To do that these energy updates need to stop.

I will always share content and I'm going to be sharing content in a much more structured, supportive way, that guides you.

The essence of this post is to thank everyone who has relied on the energy updates and to let you know that, as those come to an end, there is other content to look out for in the future.

I am always going to share what is happening astrologically, but I'm going to make it so clear that it can only support you if you know the area of your life where the planetary movement is happening.

I want to guide you to know the difference between living a destined life and a fated life, which is one of the first videos I am going to be sharing. Before that, today is the opportunity to sit in this Gemini New Moon energy and recreate the way that I communicate with you. Today I’m dedicating myself to helping you meet who you truly are, through the traits that you were born to authentically own, claim and use to your absolute highest esteem. I’m here to guide you to understand the mechanics and mysticism of the mind. To know why your ego does what it does and to stick by you until you move from believing you can to knowing you are!

Let’s get personal:

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Happy Everything …

Jodene Shaer - Personal Transformation Coach

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