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4 January 2013
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I love being my own boss all of the time, but when I get to make decisions like only going back to work on Monday, I do love my choices most of all. I'm super excited for this year and so ready to get exciting things back on track. I'm in the stages of launching an extension to the social media coordination and have to follow up on some proposals that we submitted just before the year ended. Holding thumbs.

But, I still need just a touch of time.

Project me has taught me to turn the focus onto me in any situation. As a matter of fact, it could be one of the biggest things we share as Lifeology. That everything is about you. It's only about you.
When you do that, emotion becomes a key focus because we deflect our energy onto everyone else and why they did what they did or all that we did for them and that's all to avoid dealing with the array of emotions that are so vital in healing a wound a moving on.

I'm trying to heal and move on, but I also know that time is the greatest healer and there's nothing to rush of quickly more past because now that I'm friends with emotion, they pop in and visit when the time is right. It can be tiring being truly honest with myself and allowing the emotion to flow ... there's been everything from sobbing to absolute relief then furious anger and back to overwhelming happiness.

I haven't tried to fight one of them. I've let each one come and visit and sat down to chat until I've stripped my thoughts of all he did or didn't do until it's been all about me. I've truly felt the emotion and acted on them, still only for me. I haven't lashed out, deflected or said nasty things just to feel better about myself. I've breathed the feeling in and out until I've settled on my one solid truth ... that I did the best I could, wouldn't have done anything different and am grateful for the outcome.

Emotion loves the truth and truth loves emotion. They are very good friends and watch over each other to make sure I don't just put a band aid over my wound, but truly give it time to heal so that the scar is very faint ... although I'm not denying that it will always remain.

So I'm taking my break until Monday and then heading back into the world with emotional backpack ready to be the most awesome me I can be in 2013. I have huge plans for my personal and professional life and I have a lot of work on my lifelong project ... ME!!

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