That space in my house - project me day 736

7 January 2012
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I hope you have 'that' place in your home where you can leave the world behind ... welcome to mine!

I can't believe the amazing response I have been getting from people about my picture blog over the much needed December break, that it's brought about a change for this year's 'project me' story. The break from writing does me good and I know that this year is going to be some sort of busy, which I can't wait for ... so I'm introducing the picture blog into my word on the weekends. A few sentences might be used to explain the picture in more detail although we know that a picture paints a thousand words.

After choosing the worst possible movie under the sun ... It's got Nicolas Cage so I should have known ... I left Pat to watch it and ended up back in a place that I realised I just don't spend enough time in ... my very olive green bathroom. Don't panic ... part of my daily visualisation is to buy this house and start renovations on the bathroom first.
It's filled with dragons, fairies and candles and this year I have promised myself many more beautiful baths and much more pampering!



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