That will have to wait until next year - project me day 647

13 October 2011

Does anyone think that sounds as crazy as I do?

Where did the year go? I know we say this every time, but for some reason this year seems to have flown by faster than any other. Wait, I think I felt this way when I was in high school and after school and when I studied and started my own business. Today seemed to be filled with talk of next year, which didn't mean much until I realised that it would be two years of blogging every single day of my life.

More than that, it would be two years of using the power of being the storyteller, to hear myself thing and therefore live consciously. The second year of growing into my own best friend before the eyes of thousands of readers and another year of telling the truth, no matter how real or raw.

I remember getting into this space at almost the same time last year. Then I was deciding whether to close the blog down or not and now I'm focusing on breathing new angles and possibilities into it. Either way, my blog is on my mind a lot and I'm focusing on the successes, gifts and priceless moments that will help me keep this blog alive for yet another year.

Greggie and I were with a friend a few months back and she was saying how the 3 year mark symbolises something very important for a professional such as a doctor. It kinda means they are going to make it. That has stuck with me from the very day we discussed it and without falling into the trap of heading out for a definite goal ... I can't believe I will be counting down to 3 years of blogging! But ... that will have to wait until next year!

4 comments on “That will have to wait until next year - project me day 647”

  1. I remember that blog entry a year ago! Not sounding crazy btw just had similar conversation with a friend, I hope to fit in some more excitement into this year though. Hope we both can!

    Till then! 🙂

    1. Hey my Irish ... it's been ages! I can't believe it's another year of blogging ... that means you've been around for a VERY long time! Must get my bgutt back onto MSN and look out for you!

  2. Well... a whole new year of course. Wouldn't do to stop before reaching 1,000 now would it? 🙂

    What would the world be withough a daily dose of Jodene? Besides is't the only way we ever know what Greg is up to! 😉

    But.... I'm just sayin'
    My recent post It Was All A Lie

    1. You know that your comments are always so refreshing ... and truly keep me going when I think I'm nuts! Compass set to 1,000!!

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