That's me counted in Census 2011 - project me day 653

19 October 2011
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It's amazing how I've changed my view on so many things that go on in my world and find the reason to make it that much more significant or insignificant.

I've decided to make the Census 2011 very significant, even if it's for the moment in time that I sat with the form and was part of counting all South African.

I marked 'no' for owning sheeps, cows or pigs but smiled at the number of people who live off the land that it's such a significant part of the census.

There's always a shadow side and for me that always comes in the?pessimism of the people. I never have run-ins with fellow Twitterers but the occasion only ever arises when my optimism and love for this Country comes shining through. I've even been blamed for being heartless for loving this country because obviously crime hasn't ruined my life enough. I have stories ... many, but I also have choice.

I choose to love my country and I choose to believe that anything is possible. If I can believe it for my own life then why would I not have enough rays of hope to spread around a little.

I vote! I've been counted! I stay positive!

The census did something else though ... something very personal and real for me. It asked the question about my relationship status and the options were clear ... only one could be chosen for me: Living as though you were married. Wow ... I don't know if you will remember the days when my bio used to say, "30something single Jozi girl ..." I also remember the day Greggie told me to ditch that affirmation.

It amazes me that we are in the midst of a process where every South African is being counted and I've chosen to make it count too ... because I have blessings to count,that are only possible because I chose to be born in the rainbow nation!

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