The adoption is finally through - project me day 767

7 February 2012

It's been a long wait for adoption day.

Mom first sent Pat and I a pic or Roran when we were still on our December holiday.

The days have dragged, waiting for him to get to a healthy size and weight and have his little snip but he sure was worth the wait. Roran is named after Eragon's cousin in the movie by the same name. You should hopefully know by now that I'm dragon crazy ... and cat crazy of course ... and that Saphirah was the dragon in the movie about the last dragon rider, Eragon.

Pat's in love! Mom's in love! I'm in love! Saphirah and Eragon ... ?not so much!
This time of introducing kitties to each other is always interesting, with Eragon pretending to be all tough and hissing way, but he's such a timid little boy that he wouldn't frighten a flea. Saphirah on the other hand, well she's being a total bitch and she's furious with her parents. Like glaring at us and walking as far away from us as possible. heaven forbid she has to acknowledge our?existence.

They will settle and I'm so looking forward to posting a pic of the 3 of them all chilling as happy siblings. In the meantime though, Pat goes on a business trip tomorrow night and I have my first 2 nights without him *sigh*. So I'm taking advantage of little Roran having to adapt and sleeping with mommy, while Eragon takes the place of Pat for the next two nights. As for Saphirah ... I'm guessing she'll be keeping her distance for a few days.

A very special thank you to Joy Hawksley-Hill for all you do for each kitty who finds their way into your home and for taking care of them until they are adopted into families like ours. You are an animal saint and I know Eragon and Roran will never forget you.
Please follow Joy on Facebook to share her stories and help her find homes for more beautiful Persian cats like our three little treasures.

3 comments on “The adoption is finally through - project me day 767”

  1. Lovely! Gorgeous kittehs!

    The spelling nazi in me can't resist though: I read the Eragon books and his dragon's name is spelled Saphira. 😉

    1. Hahaha ... well spotted. I changed the spelling as no Dragon has the same name and I wanted to keep to that legendary tradition 😉 I'm glad to know a fellow Eragon reader ... quite epic to get through the books!

  2. Yay... kitty comes home, finally!

    Kitties are funny things. Between my 3 I've got one that they all love, one that despises another and little kitty who's best friend is my puppy. Very strange family dynamic but somehow they all have fallen into their own little slot. 🙂
    My recent post Ice Ice Baby

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