The ah-ha moment - project me day 842

23 April 2012
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It's amazing how I always come back to questioning (or at least having a slight panic attack) about what I know as my fundamental rules that I live by. Every once in a while I go into a phase of questioning all that I believe in and then life gives me the gift of reminding me just how stable my belief?system?is.

I had one of those days today. A very needed day because life's getting exciting/crazy and the bad little voice in my head tells me that I'm going to drop the ball. Funny that, I haven't dropped the ball yet. I remembered that thanks to a very special collaboration between Lifeology and our PR company, Black Sheep Media.

Jenn and Gabbi make such a dynamic team and are supporting Greggie and I parts of Lifeology that both of us need focus and support ... marketing ourselves.
A great to start would obviously be for the Black Sheep girls to sit down with us and ask us 'get to know you' questions. Besides my day starting calmly, then becoming hysterically flustered because my damn laptop and stupid Blackberry don't sync, I was ready for the challenge.

Of course I cried ... you should know me by now ... there's always that one question that going to get me all chocked up and this time it was, "Who are those special relationships in your life?" With my best friend and business partner sitting with me and us both reflecting back on the unbelievable highs and lows that is our lives and the making of Lifeology ... it had to be Greggie. The tears didn't stop until I had included the unfailing support I get from my mom and the love I have found in my amazing fiance, Pat.

The questions flowed into each other and after sharing my fears, dreams, understanding of my personality and ah-ha moments that changed my life, I had another one of those life changing realisations. Reminding myself that we just remember things because we are all knowing (that's another one of Lifeology's lessons) I reminded myself that the greatest gift we can give ourselves in life, is knowing ourselves. Being able to answer the fundamental questions like, "When did you have that one moment in life that changed everything?"

We all have more than one. We have many. Every day there is a moment that gives us the opportunity to do something different. Those ah-ha moments are all around us, we just have to know that realising them sparks us to change and do something different in our lives. I used to ignore them too, before I discovered how powerful change and facing my fears truly was.


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