The alternative - project body week 12

4 September 2011
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Step one was successful and the mindset has changed, but then the challenges of living healthy in a world where the healthy alternative is not always fun, yummy or convenient, not that was my challenge.

It's been a busy, stressful, yet very successful week and there have been occasions that have revolved all around food and some that had none and left me starving. No matter where I have been, I've realised that there is an alternative.
My biggest realisation was the ability to look at myself differently and I can't believe how many people have been telling me how great I'm looking. It can't be a huge amount of weight loss in one week ... or can it?

Anyway ... kilos is for another blog, today is about the simple things I've changed that have made the world of difference for my relationship with food.

Firstly ... I took every bit of advice that was thrown my way from both blog posts the week before and the week before that.

I'm shopping at fruit and veg markets, eating the healthy alternative to pasta & rice. Getting through much more water thanks to a dash of lemon juice per glass. And I sort out my sweet tooth with my newly perfect baked dates and almonds.

I think the healthier a person becomes, the more they notice just how unhealthy they used to be. Greggie has given me the greatest gift in teaching me that so much of it is about balance and that's why I didn't have to freak out when it was Mr Unexpected's turn to make dinner and he came home with fatty, saucy beef ribs, baked potato and fried mushroom. It's not how I would cook, but it's how he showed me he loved me and we shared a happy meal. However, I'm learning that healthy meals are just as happy.

I took the brave step and went to a braai (barbecue) at Greggie's with a few healthy alternatives. Before I would have freaked out at standing out from the crowd, but this time I included the crowd. He made a very delicious potato salad and I made the alternative sweet potato, red onion and low fat mayo salad ... hmmmm, everyone loved it.

I also swapped out the rice for barley and have made 2 awesome stews. I've tossed the brown bread from the house and use a healthy seed loaf. I kid you not, Mr Unexpected complained that it was too heavy and he only got through one slice ... giggles, it's working!

But my favourite of all is the alternative puddings and sweets. I think we get the feeling we have to toss that out of our lives forever when we are being healthy, but I've found some great recipes that aren't making me feel as though I'm missing out on anything. I make custard from the powder and make it with low fat milk and a liquid sugar replacement. Sugar free jelly and baked apples with honey and almonds are also on the menu. But the best of all are the dates. Buy pitted fresh dates and pop and almond inside. Place it on a baking tray and bake for 15 mins on 180 deg c. Leave them to cool and you have toffees that I have been eating when I would usually grab a sweet or crave a chocolate.

I hope this is inspiring you ... because it's inspiring me to share it with you. I'm also hoping that everyone continues to share their little tips with me and encouraging me so that I can pass it on to anyone out there who is battling to make some healthy but happy changes.

My back has had a few rough days so I'm nervous to get back to gym, but I have been kind to myself and resting as much as I can. Once it's sorted, that's the next project body challenge ... making gym fun when I've hated it all my life.

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