The art of compromise for a passionate Libra - project me post 888

24 October 2012
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Tomorrow is Pat's birthday.

He hates it for a whole lot of reasons that I'm sure are common to many people out there.

The problem is ... I'm Libra!

Librans love any reason to spoil the person they love. Birthdays are right there on the top of the list and I happened to fall in love with a man who doesn't care how I put a ribbon on it ... he doesn't like it.

We are at a place in our relationship where we are tired of the fighting and know that something has to change. One of the big hiccups is around birhtdays, valentine's day, new years day, Christmas ... all days that I either don't believe in or know are money making ploys by merchants, but I want to celebrate them anyone.

So today I hatched a plan.

I won't be celebrating his birthday AT ALL tomorrow.

That's because I'm doing it all tonight *evil grin*
His favourite dinner, his favourite dessert, his birthday present, birthday candles and all that jazz!

He's either going to love me and think I'm just too cute and cunning or he's going to think I'm a huge big smart ass and tomorrow's blog post could be really interesting. Either way ... I think that I compromised fabulously ;p

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