The best of intentions - project me day 663

30 October 2011
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Wow, I've just gotten home from opening night of the annual pantomime at the Joburg theatre. The whole way through the spectacular show I had the blog post rambling through my head. I couldn't wait to get home and blog ... blog ... blog.

Then I thought about the days just before the house move and pined for the moment that I can share my day that I spent at Nkosi's Haven and the memories of a little boy, Nkiosi Johnson, who left a legacy. I havent' spoken about being all pampered with the girls thanks to Bobbi Brown and I planned a whopper of a blog.

But this little steam train is all outta steam. My man is snoring next to me and I am surprised I can string so many words together. Moving is not for sissies!

Tomorrow ... tomorrow I'm going to share with you some of the most amazing moments born out of the heart and soul of the incredible city I call home, Johannesburg

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