The body doesn't work to goals - project body week 4

10 July 2011

I say this for a reason: Totally goalless, yet absolutely purposeful. No week has been a greater example of what I have chosen to live by.

Even if I wanted to defy the doctor and get back to gym, I couldn't have. For the second times since the start of 'project me' my body has taught me that you can't set goals your body isn't ready for. It didn't stop the purpose though and although I felt healthy enough to throw myself back into gym, the signs are there that my body isn't ready to get back just yet.

There are always times when our bodies will tell us that we need time out and I don't know about you, but that's when the last thing I want to do is eat healthy. That's usually because I'm in the mindset of diet and not eating with purpose. The goals would already be out the window without the gym and I didn't even put myself through standing on the scale. I will do that in the month's time and still be proud of myself that I at according to what my body needed. I didn't crave the comfort food and didn't kid myself that I needed an overload of anything to sustain me.

I ate well though an emotional and physically taxing time.
Goals ... the targets would not have been reached.
Purpose ... right on track.

Healing is sometimes more uncomfortable that the sickness itself and I'm battling with feeling comfortable no matter what I wear. Clothes brushing against my skin is a no go but I can't very well .. well, I could, but I have to leave the house at some point. ?That's a clear sign that I won't be hitting the gym in the goal driven form of a Monday morning, but I will wake up each day and know when it will be fine to get my body back to gym.

In the meantime ... let's talk about having those two things I don't ever intent to resist. I've shared my love for both the pizza with salad topping and who doesn't know how much I love ice cream. I had both this week ... all in great spirits and at the perfect time. Shared with beautiful people and well aware that every mouthful savoured was an?experience?I haven't had in nearly a month.

I must admit, it's different having a man in the house and cooking with only the most wholesome of foods. He uses real butter and loves his mashed potato at night and so I prepare my day so that I can share in his joy for cooking me a meal after his hard day at work. Yes, it can't be every night and that's where I jump in and make sure there is a balance of meals ... but that's my issue and not his. Tough one ... not taking away from the joy of food but not getting back into the pattern of thinking what is good for me truly isn't. That's the joy of knowing how much food my body needs each day.

Once again, not the blog I would have expected to write for 'project body', but also not the reaction I would have expected to have had this been a few months ago and my body had it's say!

Thank you to my partners: Slimlab, Karisa Wellness Spa, Pat Sloane Photography and the newly announced, Ofra Cosmetics for traveling this journey with me.

2 comments on “The body doesn't work to goals - project body week 4”

  1. " can’t be every night and that’s where I jump in and make sure there is a balance of meals … but that’s my issue and not his..." There always should be a balance of meals - for anybody. That is the key to healthy eating: finding your own formula that has variety (to keep your system active and challenged) and balance (to ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs).

    You're doing so well, my friend. Keep going easy on yourself, always conscious of the PURPOSE of Project Body.

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    1. Thanks Greggie ... I really feel as though I'm getting it right and just that is such a gift to myself! Your support doesn't go unnoticed for a second ... even when nothing is said!

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