The countdown to adoption day - project me day 743

15 January 2012
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Roran will be adopted through Kitty and Puppy Haven (@kphrescue) when he is old enough to come home

Pat, mom and myself are counting the days until we can bring out little boy home. Eragon and Saphirah (I added an 'H' to Saphira because I have a novel and the main character adds an 'H' to find the uniqueness of the energy to an already used name) are about to have a little brother 😉

Saphirah tucked at the back with Eragon

If you are new to the story of my life than I would like to introduce you to my love for dragons and the story of Eragon, the dragon rider, that crept into my heart. The first of a four book series by Christopher Paolini tells the story of the last dragon, Saphira, her rider Eragon and his cousin, Roran!!!

PS ... Christopher Paolini was 15 when he wrote the first draft of Eragon and that's just the beginning of an incredible story of passion, dedication and fantasy!

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