The countdown to day 500 - project me day 493

8 May 2011

You know when you get a song stuck in your head and you don't quite know how to get rid of it? Well I don't have a song ... I have 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, ... I kid you not.

Since finding the ultimate venue with the ultimate sponsors to celebrate 'project me' day 500 with me, I can feel the countdown tick down with every heartbeat! So it went from being a little frazzled (ok, a lot frazzled) that the initial venue got canceled at the last moment, but life lesson no. 132 354 is that everything really does happen for a reason.

I've decided to hold back on the venue and sponsors ... and the plans for the big event (that started as my idea to have a pot of soup on the stove for a couple of friends) as the countdown continues and I make plans.

Yep ... every day for the next week you're gonna know exactly what's going on as I build up to a day that was never on my vision board, not in my affirmations and beyond my wildest dreams.
I spend my life telling Greg that "I just wanna write". I never said what, how or where because those are the 'hows' ... the little details that get us all caught up and tripping over the rocks instead of stepping over them along our path to happiness.

Of all the joys in the near 500 days ... the people I have met have been my greatest gift. The fellow bloggers around the world, the Twitter followers who are friends without ever having met, the followers who are now truly friends (hng on, my ... fell off nd my brother hs to put it bck on!) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... laptop sponsorship anyone?

Back to where I was ... oh right, the incredible people that I am celebrating in a mere week's time. There are so many and in the days that creep up, I will be thanking everyone. But for now ... I have to thank my two bestest friends!

How lucky can one girl be?

Not one, but two totally nutty, off the wall and incredibly loving and supportive friends in one lifetime.

So I might have asked them to pose a little for the pic, but I literally had to tell these two clowns, Greggie and Hustler Girl, to repeat the faces they?genuinely pull and Tweet the things that fall out of their mouth with reckless abandon.

That's my 'thank you' to these two treasures in my life. I have needed a lot of encouragement and coaxing to allow my personality to flow through the blog and it has been these magical souls and my observation of how they throw themselves into the world and realised that it's a much better place to be.

I have an odd feeling that every day is going to have the following sentence in it: "I cried today because ..." and I have an even more sneaky?suspicion?that a box of kleenex of 7 should be scattered around the exquisite venue.

So ... one incredible new 'project me' sponsor is soon to be announced and thanks to them, I have the ideal venue. It's a rush but invites go out tonight and tomorrow. A little 'project me' exercise is to breathe and trust that invites aren't going out too late with the venue change glitch.
The second massive 'project me' thing is to get over my uptight personality and let it go that I sent out a save the date to friends and the time is changing for the third time. Well, the only thing constant is change ... right!

So now it's mother's day and I do have so much to celebrate with the special mother that I have ... but she gets her own blog dedication this week. So have yourselves a beautiful Sunday wherever you are ?and if you are a mom, have a mom or miss a mom ... my love goes out to you!

4 comments on “The countdown to day 500 - project me day 493”

    1. Poser ... I think I have a dozen posing pics to show the world ... although most of the time peeps can't see you coz you are lying in the floor 😉
      Thank you for being by my side for this whole journey and for being my sponsor during the happily flowing and dry patches 😉

      1. Lol ... one day I have to catch the 2 of you of video! It's really worth the YouTube rankings!

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