The crazy things my mind did with my day - project me day 605

29 August 2011

I doubt I'm the only one whose first instinct is to sabotage or knock my successes.

'Project me' has taught me that the voices in my head don't have to be right at all and it's taken a long time and a great journey of getting to know myself to learn when the voices are my intuition or my crazy fearful mind.

Today was overwhelmingly exciting and frustrating, and what stood out most was the madness of my mind. I watched and spoke to a lot of people today and all of us were pushing the boundaries, making choices, stepping out of comfort zones and dealing with the voices in our heads.

I've learned to do something with the voices ... laugh! The other option is cry and that's not great when I'm in the midst of making life happen. So I decided to share 10 things that my mind?conjured?up and that I, in turn, shut up with a giggle at myself ... you should try it some time!

I heard the front door open before Mr Unexpected had said goodbye! Mind: "He's leaving me! He's sneaking out and ... oh shut up crazy mind!" ... PS, he was putting his stuff in the car and came to say a very cuddly goodbye!

Wiggling into my jeans that have just come out of the wash! Mind: "You're getting fatter since you started that healthy eating, it must be the ... oh shut up crazy mind!" ... PS, I haven't felt so great in a long time and weight doesn't fall off in a day.

Boiling eggs for lunch and all of a sudden I wasn't hungry! Mind: "You know the eggs are gonna make you?nauseous because you're ... okay, shut the #$#@ up mind!" ... PS, I'm the most cautious girl on the planet, it's actually ridiculous.

After reading a friend's sweary tweet online! "I'm such a nerd online, ?I really should swear more or say something mean about ... oh, shut up silly mind!" PS ... I'm just being my online and I don't swear much or say mean things, so really, that was a F@#$ing dumb thought.

I lost a document that I hated working on in the first place! "Mind: "It's punishment for not being grateful that you have the opportunity to present a quote to ... oh, shut up mind!" PS ... sometimes just being dumb and not pressing save is the simple reason why.

I had to ask Greggie for the backup documents to the stuff I lost and I hadn't received it after an hour! Mind: "He's so pissed off with you for being so?incompetent?that he can't even send it ...." Okay, seriously, shut up mind! PS ... it got lost in cyber space and Greggie knows my combination of ditsy techno/hard working!

#FollowSA trended in Jozi today! Mind: "Dzzz, Dzzitttt, dzzz...." Whateva mind ... PS, it is possible!

There were more and they were just as crazy, ridiculous and ... well, one was scary and I have to take heed with being too dramatic. My back is very sore tonight and my brain is scaring me that I'm gonna wake up on Wednesday morning and be so sore that I can't move and I miss my own #FollowSA launch. So I'm gonna shut my mind up by taking myself off to bed and chilling in?preparation?of another adventurous, mind boggling day!

2 sleep to #FollowSA!

2 comments on “The crazy things my mind did with my day - project me day 605”

  1. Ah the voices in your head. Nothing worse than having a half thought because the mind really can run in a million directions. Best thing you can do is stop, assume nothing and work with what you actually know. If the front door is open (being opened) then that's exactly what has happened. Nothing more, nothing less... always easier said than done.

    If you let your mind run about like that you'll be exhausted before breakfast!

    But then again, you know I'm just sayin' 🙂
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