The day I got my tattoo - project me day 137

18 May 2010

Well worth the wait ... and they lied, it was ouch!

I'm actually a little more overwhelmed by the experience than ever imaginable and plan to just take a breath and enjoy the gift that I've finally given myself ... with a pain killer, some numbing ointment and ice cream!

I've gotto thank some people though ... firstly to my mom who was almost more excited than I was and who helped me prep my back with all the ointments (that didn't work ... or if they did then tattoo's are far more painful than people say they are ... because it really felt like it was not working at-freakin'-all). I'm blessed with a mom who has accepted me for all that I am (and I'm a lot sometimes) and has not only embraced me, but is my greatest fan and my support all the way to the finish line.

Greggie, who didn't come with me to have my tattoo and therefore allowed me to experience this very important rite of passage for myself. I have watched myself grow from a girl who was too afraid to drive anywhere by herself (ok, I still have my moments ... but gps helps, when I trust it) and wouldn't do much of anything without someone holding my hand. Less than a few months ago I think I might have considered cancelling the tat when Princess Kiki told me she couldn't make it. But today was a beautiful experience and time with myself.
I was more excited than nervous and got to totally embrace the experience with my, myself and my goddess!

My rocking friends who have spent the day sms'ing, skyping, facebooking and cheering me on. I didn't need a hand to hold when I had a line of amazing people waiting to hear word from me ... and pics ... everyone wants a pic!

The amazing people I've met through 'twitter' and my blogs ... I couldn't believe the good vibes from all around the world.
The reason why this is so important to me is because I never wanted to social network without allowing my personality to revel in it too and that can only be done by creating relationship with my followers. I know I can't bond with everyone, but slowly I have grown to know the most amazing people and am so thrilled that we share our journeys together.

Pepi and his awesome team at SA hardcore tattoos. I cannot believe that this work of art took 40 mins and that, surrounded by death metal music and top to toe tattooed artists, I have never felt more taken care of and in safe hands.

Lastly ... to the goddess and her moon for being my guide, my knowing and my guiding light as I wander through the magical journey of my life. Pepi did you both proud ... you look as beautiful as ever!

14 comments on “The day I got my tattoo - project me day 137”

  1. PS ... the red will fade away as it heals ... that's just my gentle and sensitive skin reacting. It's all black, grey and shading!

    And yes ... it is BIG!

  2. I love it!! Remind me to send you the one I want, and can't figure out where to stick it, LOL.

    That is a sensitive area, plus you have bones that the you're tattooing on, it can be very painful for some. Don't worry about the creams not working, or that it hurt more for you than others said. We each have our own pain threshold so whatever someone else says, it doesn't matter in the end.

    Enjoy your icecream!!
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  3. Wow looks great! and OUCH!

    BTW the safest place in the world is at a loud metal concert surrounded by your brothers and sisters of Metal (hail Satan)!! I was once knocked out by a stag diver landing on my head... I was carried out of the crowd and held by random people till I came to... they asked you OK? After a sec, when reality came back into focus I said yeah and they jumped back into the action! Megadeth were (nearly afraid to say!!!) 1991.

    Bit random, I know! nice TAT!


    1. Tee hee hee ... I have the funniest picture in my head!!
      It takes a whole lot of adjusting to that musics when my ears are used to the soft sounds of country 😉

      Yay ... thanks ... I lvoe my tat!

    2. A bit random indeed, but agreed the safest place you can be is with a bunch of metal heads (and the occasional Britney fan - don't even ask)! Although can say that 1991 is a bit far back, even for me 😉

      Jodene Fantastic bit of work... Love it. 😀 I'm way too much of a cry baby to try anything quite that large... yet. 😉

      1. A true fan never lets the music die and feels like it's the first time you hear a song no matter how many years later!

        In a few days, when all the pain is forgotten ... I'm gonna start sitting on you to have one done my friend!

  4. No ways, it's so much cooler than I thought it would look. Wow chick, you did an amazing job of being so brave and going all out.

    I hope it heal nicely and we get to see a pic of you in a sexy top flashing that sexy tat!


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