The fabulous Katherine Jenkins - project me day 436

12 March 2011
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It's been a hectic few days and the business and social events are far from over. At the same time I'm packing and getting read to move at the end of the month. My back is mending so well, hence not having mentioned it in a while, yet I have fallen off the gym bus again. With all of this in mind, I'm very conscious of any free time I can get to myself. That's the only reason why there was a slight 'um' when my sister offered my mom and myself tickets to go and see Katherine Jenkins. I?literally?had my mom on standby until Thursday afternoon and finally pulled myself together. My mom and I have an incredible bond and a lot of that is based on music.

Katherine Jenkins might be a far cry from the country music genre I am most fond of, but she has been one of the reasons I have watched my mother begin her new life after the loss of my dad. One of her greatest battles was to listen to music after he died and I watched it tear at her soul for months on end. When she finally got to that point ... the point where I heard Katherine bellowing out from her room while she pottered around without a tear in her eye ... well that's when I shed my tears of relief.

Healing is priceless and so are moments like my mom and I shared last night. A big thank you goes out to my big sister for generously giving us the tickets she had received. We went with two of my sister's staff members and for one of them it was the first concert she had ever seen. Well, she couldn't have been introduced to the power of a live performance by anyone more fabulous than Katherine Jenkins.

When I grew up I loved escaping into my little world of Barbie and her beautiful blonde hair with the prettiest dresses. I have a special place in my memories for princesses and I literally shed a tear the second the beautiful woman with an angelic voice walked onto the stage. He honestly looks like every girl's real life Barbie doll and then she emerges with another dress change that turns here into a princess. Her voice does exactly the same transformation as she sings her way through classical to pop love songs. Then, as she speaks, this tiny little voice bubbles out and she giggles between each song.

I used to be the concert queen when I was younger and went to see nearly every person who came to our shores, but as I have gotten older I have become more selective. Last night I made the best decision in a very long time because it gave me so much to be grateful for. Of all the things, I was most proud to be South African. Hang on ... I'm always proud to be South African but last night it wasn't just another international artist saying that South Africa was beautiful and we all believed her. She gave us the gift of reminding ourselves by the South African flavour she added to the show.

Instead of traveling with her orchestra, it was our very own Johannesburg Orchestra. The Bala Brothers were truly amazing with a powerful reminder of how much talents walks amongst us. Of course this down to earth family mingled amongst the crowd after and my sister's staff members were beyond thrilled when Loyiso Bala posed with them for a picture. I wish you could have seen these giggling girls who couldn't quite believe the moment they were in.

My favourite moment of all was when Katherine offered the audience the chance to ask her questions and that's when the personality of South Africa was unmissable. Good gracious, we are a scream, totally forward and a little outrageous. Someone asked her age. Someone asked her dress size. Someone asked her to marry them and everyone had her blushing and giggling as we cheered the answers. Well, someone even had the balls to ask her why the Welsh rugby team has never won against South Africa ... oh we are a cheeky bunch!

Wow ... I know today's blog sounds a little like a review, but as 'project me' moments go I can't really express how important every moment of last night was for me.

From the treasured moments with my mom, the humble excitement of the gift my sister gave her staff, the natural beauty of a true star, the power of one voice, the South African pride and the fact that in the middle of the concert I thought to myself: "I'm totally pain free!"

Here she is ... The fabulous Katherine Jenkins


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