The Footprint of Resistance

10 September 2017
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Resistance Jodene Shaer BlogIt started as a potentially peaceful Sunday, even thought I knew I had to deal with a few work things. Being the passionate business woman I am, I don't mind weekend interactions, but I do mind when it tramples over my energetic space because people do not know what their footprints of resistance do.

Amazingly, I have worked hard to ensure their resistance doesn't impact my day, but it turned out to be a sad process for me to watch someone meet the potential of growth and change with such resistance. It's very common in the field I am in, managing from the sidelines but still taking on a role of moulding and guiding people in the direction of a more rounding and aware online person. As my instruction was being fought against and the energy of the engagement completely shifted, I wished I had the right to swap hats and turn into the Life Achievement Facilitator I am.

Do you take note of your own resistance? It was so clear in that moment, how we resist so much of what life sends our way, know it will be good for us. We don't want it though. We don't want to learn or to grow. We want what we want and we want it our way. We don't want to be guided to a life changing process on a Sunday. We don't want in on Monday or a Tuesday either. It was easy to spot it in the work situation, but I'm sure if I had the opportunity to dig a little deeper, it would be evident in so many areas of life.

Resistance is the opposite of ease. It's working against the flow of life. It's struggling upstream when we are meant to be moving with the flow of the river of life. Resistance is the frustration we feel when life pushes us to grow, to realise, to awaken. Resistance is the most unconscious energy we could possibly slip into when we have the greatest opportunity to delve deeper into our potential by simply surrendering to the lesson and to the wiser teacher.

Today, tomorrow and each day after, I choose to open to the teacher called life. I choose to grow, to flow in ease and to be grateful for the lessons and guidance. Choose wisely!

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