The fox and owl who came to visit me - project me day 837

18 April 2012
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I don't dream that often. Well, we all dream often, but remember them is a different story.

Strangely enough, when I'm stressed I remember my dreams more than when life is chilled. Funny that, I should remember my dreams all the time then.
So I haven't been hiding that life's had it's stresses and that I've gone through a 'I don't give a damn stage!' I'm not over that stage yet, but lucky for me, I don't wallow or lose that workaholic edge.

That's all in the conscious space, but the unconscious tells a different story. Last night I ended up going to bed feeling frustrated with life and a whole lot of tears flooded my bath. It's all happening while great opportunities are all around me, and I'm trying not to be too hard on myself for not being grateful enough for all the opportunities. Drifting off to sleep, with one of my precious cats in my arms, I promised myself that I'd be even more grateful than I make sure I am every day.

That's when the owl and wolf came to visit me. It was only their faces. Sometimes the whole face and other times just and eye or their mouths. They weren't together and it was almost like a picture show, but they had something important to tell me.

When I dream about animals, I don't turn to the dream books. Instead, I head off to the totem animals and see the messages that the Shamans would tell me about who I had encountered.

This is what they had to say:

Fox's clever nature makes it a master of camouflage. When hunted by hounds, Fox will psyche them out by doubling back on its own trail, and run around in circles to break the scent. It has the amazing ability to meld into the background, allowing it to quietly observe the situation around them.

Fox comes to us when we need to slip out of a situation so we can be silent witness to what is really taking place behind the scenes. We need to use our cleverness to our advantage, but we must remember to be discreet. Fox asks us to carefully look at where we are coming from, so we can remember to approach things with a clear conscious.

Owls, which have been called cats with wings, are the silent hunters of the night. Their downy feathers and the front edge of their wings have a fringe which silences their flight. The wings are substantially bigger than their actual body making their slow smooth flight all the easier.

These birds also have a third eyelid which moves from side to side to clean their vision. An owl's eyes are fixed in the socket, however to be able to see all around, their incredibly flexible necks can rotate 270 degrees in any direction. An owl's vision and hearing work harmoniously enabling them to eat their body weight on a daily basis.

Owls know when to move silently and when to be still, which makes them the keepers of secrets. These solitary birds don't feel the need to proclaim their presence to anyone until the timing is right. Owl comes to us when we need to open our eyes, and study the situation at hand. If we watch and listen with our inner selves we can figure out what is happening behind the scenes, and confront those who are trying to deceive us at the appropriate time.

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Interestingly enough ... both of these creatures take me right out of my comfort zone ... um, that might just be the point!

One comment on “The fox and owl who came to visit me - project me day 837”

  1. Saw an owl in the road on my way home on Tuesday evening. The road was quiet as usual... so I just stopped and waited for the little (about 50cm tall if not more) guy to take flight. Think it was checking out some road kill or something.

    No foxes in my hills though.

    Always interesting when certain creatures seem to seek you out. Almost like they have something to say.
    My recent post Sweet Dreams

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