The good back - project me day 306

3 November 2010

Without getting overly excited, I am totally excited. I had as close to a normal day as I have had in ages.

Without getting overly excited, I am feeling like I'm back ... the good back and not the cranky, sore back!

I woke up with the usual pinch in my butt, but I couldn't take tablets because it's best to have the body stress release treatment without any medication in my system. How do I know that I'm getting back to normal? Well, just ask Greggie! You do know that I sigh ... right? I sigh often. It's not necessarily a bad sigh. Sometimes I think about how lucky I am or how beautiful a moment is and it is always followed by a sigh.
I also huff and puff a little bit. That's usually not as positive as a sigh. Other times I mumble under my breath and a few times a day I might throw out a bratty chirp in the heat of a libran moment. I haven't sighed, chirped or huffed in ages and my day was filled with it ... woo hoo, I'm back! In my opinion it's a good back, but that's because I love my sparkling personality.

Have I ever mentioned that Greggie always says: "someone will love you!" and then smirks at me.

The treatment with Dan was awesome today. I can feel such a shift in my body and am so proud of how quickly I have mended myself. There is a window of 6 to 12 weeks that you can suffer from?sciatic pain down the leg and mine is nearly gone. I spent the whole day with Greggie and my special friends from 93 on Jan Smuts. I did some wine and chilled on in the sunshine. Granted, I had to pop a pill after the treatment, but it was because I had a mother of headache.

Ooh, did I mention that 93 on Jan Smuts is treating Greggie and I to a night at the hotel next Thursday night. We are all gathering because they will be featured on

I made my first appointment for a facial peel with my incredible sponsor, RegimA. They have been so amazing and taken into consideration all my back issues, so I am having the facial at my house. How cool? I am having the treatment when I come back from my holiday by the sea because exposure to the sun isn't great, but it's all booked for the 23rd of November. I was hoping to be driving by then but it seems that will be one of the last steps to take in the healing process.

I'm back to dating ... gulp! So surfer boy didn't vanish from my life and even after a whole lot of quirky conversation he still wants to meet me. That's set up for afternoon coffee on Monday. I am having to fight my own issues of?independence?and letting this 'voice' fetch me. How is that for a blind-ish date? I don't have my own escape ... so that's bold! It's also a great sign that I'm back ... I love bold (ish)!

I was in the neighbourhood so I popped into Pepi at SA Hardcore Tattoos. It's his first time seeing the masterpiece he did and even his staff where taken aback! I do need a little touch up which will take a minute but that's where the fun begins. I'm having it done when I have my second tattoo ... yes, you heard me right. After all I've been though with my back I have done so many meditation and visualisation with my precious dragon and when I am all better and totally on the mend I am do a tattoo of a flighting dragon around my ankle and onto my foot. When I first decided to do the tattoo I couldn't decide between a dragon or the goddess and I wasn't sure if I wanted it on my back or ankle ... now I get both. That will be it ... I promise. Or ... I could do a tat for every year of 'project me' ... tee hee, only joking!

It's so good to be back 😉

14 comments on “The good back - project me day 306”

  1. Holliday by the sea, you say?? 😀

    Yay... getting there bit by bit. "Someone will love you." But of course someone will, he always will. 😀

    I am still amazed at how big your first tattoo is. But am really impressed and I still love it. Just gotta see it in person. 😉

  2. I didnt know you were down - but feels good to read the up side of the story 🙂 May blessing of Almighty always be upon u!

    good to see you back 🙂

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