The gratitude list - project me day 795

6 March 2012
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It's been a long day of sitting in one spot and making things happen. We are now comfortably falling into the space of getting our name out there with more than just the impression of hosting fun Tweetups and I'm so grateful for that.

Gratitude is going to be on my lips a whole lot more tonight and it's been lingering around for most of the day. Truth be told, it's been lingering around for an entire week.

It's Tuesday night and Greggie, mom and myself get together and have our 'feelings' night where we talk about our week, our lives and our realisations. It's our form of therapy and the chance we give ourselves to hear what our minds are thinking.

The last few times we have been fixated on money and the wants and needs of it and gratitude seems to be tougher to hold onto, so we came up with an exercise for this week.

Make a list of all we are grateful for. Think of all the things that I can say thank you for that money can't touch or change and even if it could, at this moment it's perfect.

We all seem to have stalled on the list because everyone was grabbing moments of silent times to do it today and I seem to have left mine to last. Mom's already cried and I know that we have that trait in common but on the other hand I know there will be something very empowering about this experience.

I hope you take the time to do the same. Grab a cup of tea, put on your favourite tune, close the door and make a list of all you are grateful for!

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