The hangover - project me day 179

30 June 2010

Never combine a broken heart with the finale of FlashFoward and the?penultimate Grays Anatomy. It's going to lead to uncontrollable crying and drinking sherry from a wine glass.

Not one glass, but enough to get through half a bottle of sherry.
I needed to drink till I felt numb, and I did. It didn't stop the crying, which I think was way more contributed to pride in myself than anything else. After a brief conversation with Greggie where there really wasn't much to say about having fallen for someone then fallen back into reality (whatever reality really is) and then fallen a little further, I realised that I had gotten so much right in the experience. I drank and cried and smiled and then felt sad and then drank some more.

The hangover this morning might have been a little underestimated and I took the opportunity to meditate and just lie there as I ... well, giggled! I loved the way that I handled my drama. I totally threw myself into a situation even when everyone around me warned me that it would turn out exactly as it did ... now that's a sobering thought, but I'm still so thrilled that I did it anyway.

My hangover?literary hung as I dragged myself to work (even though I was proud of my bravery) and then dragged myself to a meeting (even though I got a compliment that I looked good in the hat that was only hiding the unwashed hair) and then dragged myself and Greggie off for a greasy breakfast. Now that helped!!

At one point Greggie giggled at my hung over state, but not once did he pity me for the whirlwind romance that had caused me to consume?copious?amounts of alcohol when it?abruptly?ended. The day began with him acknowledging my hangover with a smirk, acknowledging my broken heart with a smile and acknowledging my?strength?with a nudge to get ready for a meeting.

Even through my hungover state I had the clearest mind and the proudest soul.
I lived what I teach.
I live 'project me'?wholly?and completely. I had the most fun I have had in absolute ages and was totally and completely goalless even though everyone around me was flapping about the?perceived?outcome. ?I told myself and Mr Wow the truth every step of the way. I lived my truth. I was conscious when it was great and conscious when it began to fall apart and most conscious of all when it crumbled away.
I had a blast ... I got to experience love at first sight and be totally adored and seduced by a younger guy (yummy younger guy) and I have not one single regret ... can't say that Mr Wow did one thing wrong because he did the best he could and I got one mother of a hangover to prove it!

6 comments on “The hangover - project me day 179”

  1. Oh God knows how brave you have been, my friend. To love regardless of whether the other is loving in return (not that we believe Mr Wow wasn't), to throw yourself in because you want the experience despite what others are saying; that is living life as it is meant to be lived!

    Well done my courageous and loving friend! Big hug.

    1. You are an incredible inspiration with insight into life that has helped me do the very thing I found myself doing ... throwing myself into life and love!
      Thank you for teaching me how powerful the experience is 😉

  2. Sherry... 😛 you light weight 😉

    While many have a lot of cures for a hangover, I've yet to read of one that has been certified. It'll hang... over? 😛

    What are friends for it not to laugh and take no pity at our hour of need? 😀 Gotta love them!
    My recent post When I Grow Up

    1. Truthfully, I went for the sherry because there were no mixers in the house, but I actually wanted to take myself down with a few bloody mary's ... lol!

      I love being laughed at in my hour of self pity and wallowing, it reminds me that even that is fun!

      PS ... I'm having fun now 😉

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