The heat is on - project me day 657

24 October 2011

Literally, it's the hottest day in October in recorded history. If I'm?exaggerating?then it's worth it because, damn, it's hot!! It was sitting at around 36 degree (Celsius) today and all a girl want to do is get her bra off. Of course I left it lying on the bed so the estate agent had to call me to hide it before the potential buys spotted it, but there's a lesson in that for me.

I've just come off a much longer than expected radio interview with Kieno Kammes on Talk Radio 702. It's been on my vision board to be on that radio station and once again I'm reminded that I can set out and achieve anything I want to.

The truth is that just 20 minutes before I went on air I had a serious heart to heart with Greggie about the direction of my blog and what my dearest friend has seen slowly begin to happen.
He sees old patterns. He sees the pattern of making my life (and my blog) too much about other people. When I do that, I can't blog properly because I'm too entwined in other people's lives and I don't want to break their trust by sharing their stories, but the truth is that my days have been consumed with other people's issues.

It's not for me to reveal their laundry for passers by, but it is for me to reveal mine because that is what I set out to do when 'project me' was born. It certainly turns up the heat a notch because I have to figure out a way to get back on 'project me' ... and make my story about me! Live my life for me and consume myself with me first before I lose myself in anyone else.

Tonight I was reminded just how powerful my story is and just how much this blog has the potential to touch people's lives. It was the wake up call I needed to remind myself about that purpose and not that goal.

Honestly, I am so detached from my own story at the moment that I wouldn't know what to begin to tell you, so I'm going to go and tackle the heat, hoping it doesn't keep me up all night. I'll tackle the other kinds of heat in the morning ... sizzle!

5 comments on “The heat is on - project me day 657”

  1. Yay for Greg!! I would tend to agree with him (yet again... I see a pattern emerging here).

    But, while you're doing your laundry, I have no worries with you doing mine too. 😉

    Wish it were that warm here. But I'm settling for a lower 30's and today some rain... but it will warm up. I have no doubt that while the sun always shines on tv, it'll also come out tomorrow. But best way to tackle the heat: something about girlie drinks 😉

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