The ironic contraceptive pill giggle - project me day 129

10 May 2010

picture courtesy of 9th of May is an important day in the lives of many considering it's the anniversary of the contraceptive pill. The worry free little pack of pills that has been long associated with keeping it in the same place to remember to take it as close to the same time as possible.
The 9th of May this year was a double celebration for ?the mothers of the world and us children showered them with love and gifts for mother's day ... and my giggling sense of humour couldn't get much past the irony of it all. The day when women celebrate the ability to shag free of worrying about coming the eternal mother. The day when the countless many are receiving gifts from those very little sperm and egg unions that managed to be the odd 5% of the pill that just didn't work.

Happy mother's day mommies of the world ... and here's to another 50 years of worry free shagging thanks to the contraceptive pill.

A special mother's day wish goes out to Mrs R in Hong Kong ... a brand me mommy!! We all send oodles of loving to you and granny Annie and Aunty Sammy!!

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