The long road - project me day 268

27 September 2010

Thank you to my precious friend Irvin Sammons AKA The Joker for taking the most beautiful pics of my party ... I love this one!

It's so fake it till you make it though because it was so sore .... I'm so sore!

Anyway .... I spoke to the doctor today and he told me that it should take about a month to get back on my feet. My new friend, who was in hospital with me and has shared the same frustration is currently keeping me sane. We speak to each other about twice a day and it sounds mad but we make each other feel better knowing that we both still have pain.

I'm still doing my Sexpo talks. All I did today was sit with Greggie, Hustler Girl and my mom and chat through what I would be doing my half an hour talk on and I can't believe how exhausted I am.

I've been nauseas all day and I don't wanna take any more tabs but I have to because of the pain.

How does 'project me' sound??
I'm being positive ... as best as I can be and I think the fact that I'm crying all the time is awesome. Is that the meds?

Ok ... crazy girl is going to try get some sleep because clearly I need more of it 😉

PS ... I'm still full of purpose 😉

12 comments on “The long road - project me day 268”

  1. Your talks are going to be valid, inspirational and informative. You have so much to shate with others, don't deny yourself or your audience of that!

    Crying is good, you are letting out all the toxic, negative energy and making space for new positive energy.

    Rest for the next two days! Xxx

  2. I'm so glad you like the pic Jo... There are some great ones coming through. I get the chills and this goosy flesh looking at some of them, there was a definite magical presence there that night....

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