The magic ingredient to my everyday life - project me post 967

23 July 2013

Some things never change. I'm sipping on my tea, in bed, cats all around and marveling at yet another awesome #projectme day.

On the other hand, change is vital. So tea is now rooibos with a dash of vanilla, the curtain are open so I can stare at the moon ... the cats are the same ... but incense fills the air for a change. The other big change is that I have tons of work to do and am forever putting the blog behind in the queue.

It's amazing how one thing always talks to everything else in your life and while doing my weekly #moneymagic course with @Fairygodmother, there's a whole lot about paying ourselves first. More about that in a blog post at the end of the week, but I'm starting to feel that spill over into other areas of my life already.

I had meetings with my two biggest clients today (separately of course) and after each meeting I had emails and reports or feedback to get to both of them. My usual pattern would be to get home, no matter how late, and get everything finished so it was sitting in my inbox and ready to go first thing in the morning. The concept of paying myself first has started to make me think that I also need to pay myself in time to myself. This blog is a perfect example ... this is so my me time. Time to light incense or be purposeless for a while is what I'm realising I truly need. The only one expecting the email at 8am sharp ... is me.

It's no secret that I love to cook. Actually, if you follow me on Instagram of any other platform you kinda can't miss it. I've never truly let that side of myself come out in the blog, because I boxed myself, of course. I'm not a foodie blogger, you know.

I made this!

I made this!


Then I posted a picture of my very neatly presented roast brinjal and red pepper stack with feta cheese on a bed of flash fried spinach, garlic and sesame seed. Yes, it's a mouthful, but that's what I whip on an average night in order to keep healthy fun and creative. I've always loved to cook and now that I'm about 100% healthier than I thought I would ever be, I want to boast about what I make and how yum it is, while seriously being much healthier than I ever imagined eating.

I've always cooked, but if you ask Greggie, he's tell you that I've done a 360 from overly sauced and spiced to letting the natural flavour come out.

I'm a kitchen witch ... have I ever told you that before?
I make magic in the kitchen and have never used a recipe in my life ... okay, when I bake I go by the book but I'm not that kinda girl. Flour scares the life out of me. But back to the part where I make magic in the kitchen. So this is what I do ... every Sunday I head off to Food Lover's (it's a fresh produce store for my far away friends) and I buy what's on special. I got that gene from my dad ... it's called Jewish! I never know what's going to be 3 for the price of a banana. Last week macadamia nuts were R10 a punnet ... I kid you not! So I return home with "lucky packets" of fresh fruit and veg and then my kitchen time becomes an unfolding adventure ... which I've decided that it's time to start sharing a little more. Actually, it was sparked on by people constantly telling me to post the ingredients to my pics or to just post more recipes and I'm totally considering it.

I wonder if everyone knows my secret ingredient is a little kitchen prayer and a dash of cinnamon ?... hmmm, I might just share that sooner than later 🙂

PS ... I registered for my FIRST 6km walk on the 11th August ... now that's not something you hear every day 🙂


2 comments on “The magic ingredient to my everyday life - project me post 967”

  1. The other definition of what you are doing is.....honouring yourself first. Oh how the universe loves a girl, who is honourable to herself, above all else...great rewards to come. Hope you have enough hands to accept!! Love this blog, can't wait for the recipes. Xxx

  2. Hello darling,

    I am glad to hear you are a fantastic cook. I suck. I have no interest in cooking, it doesn't excite me.... does nothing for me. NIKS. 🙂 Look forward to fabulous meals you made.

    The most I did was a 55km hike over 4 sleeps and on one day I did the 8km 702 walk the talk.... where you doing the 6km. I love a small walk! 🙂

    See you tomorrow Princess Witchy.

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